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December 2007

December 2007 -- Snow



  • Healthy Green Artists:
    Healthy Green Gift-Giving
  • Myths and Symbols:
    The Rise of Blue
  • EMG News:
    News for December 2007
  • Behind the Art:
    Creating Bookmarks
  • Wombat Droppings:
    It's That Season Again


  • Fairy Tutorial
  • Japanese Blades: Landscapes in Metal


  • Poem: Snowglobe
  • Poem: Snow
  • Fiction: Snow Angel
  • Poem: Snow Nights
  • Fiction: Mind Blown

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  • Gallery

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    Winter Magic
    Artist: Jennifer L Nilsson
    Title: Winter Magic
    Request at the Ice Dragon's Lair
    Artist: Marilyn Alice Boyle
    Title: Request at the Ice Dragon's Lair
    Sensing Danger
    Artist: Marilyn Alice Boyle
    Title: Sensing Danger
    Artist: Amy Edwards
    Title: Katie
    Robb and GreyWind
    Artist: Christine (Cris) Griffin
    Title: Robb and GreyWind
    The Lady Catelyn Stark
    Artist: Christine (Cris) Griffin
    Title: The Lady Catelyn Stark
    Bear Who Ate Stars
    Artist: Laura Pelick
    Title: Bear Who Ate Stars
    Artist: Becca Cox
    Title: Snowfall
    Artist: Becca Cox
    Title: Snowdance
    Artist: Laura Pelick
    Title: Buffalo
    Elven Snow
    Artist: Christine (Cris) Griffin
    Title: Elven Snow
    Stained Glass Snowflake Knotwork
    Artist: Deb Kosiba
    Title: Stained Glass Snowflake Knotwork
    The biggest snowflake EVER!
    Artist: Jayde Hilliard
    Title: The biggest snowflake EVER!
    The Winter Visit
    Artist: Giovanna Adams
    Title: The Winter Visit
    Artist: Pierre Carles
    Title: Howling EMG Design

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