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July 2006

July, 2006: Mischief



  • Wombat Droppings:
    Doing Conventions
  • Myths and Symbols:
    Heraldry, Pt 3: Charges
  • Healthy Green Artists:
  • Behind the Art:
    Designing New Characters
  • EMG News:
    July, 2006: Mischief


  • Handling Art Theft Gracefully
  • Fixing Common Ink Jet Printer Errors


  • Fiction: Bathing Beauty
  • Fiction: Knots in My Hair
  • Poem: Creep! Creeping!


  • Movie: X-Men III: The Last Stand

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  • July, 2006: Mischief
    by Ellen Million

    Welcome to the new and improved EMG-Zine site! It will pretty much look the same (hopefully), but what you won't be able to tell is that everything is much, much more automated. Check out the search function for finding archived and current articles on subjects that interest you. Also, when you log in, it actually does something more than call you names! You can now set your menu preferences (bouncy or not bouncy) and if you're a subscriber, you're all set up to access any article you want without having to log in again to every separate issue. Isn't it spiffy? There may still be a few hiccups in the move to the new system, so if you find anything that doesn't behave like it should, please let me know! A big thank you to Janet at The Dot Studio for her work on our new backend!

    This month, we look at printer mischief and Ren Bail talks about the awful mischief of art theft. Ursula introduces us to selling artwork at a convention, Annie takes us through a delightful character design, Marina talks heraldry, hold your breath for an article on air from Janet, and we've also got two short stories, a poem and a gallery of mischievious artwork. Our main entrance graphic is from a photo of a sculpture by Michael Cross - see the full-sized image in the gallery! The goblin in the upper corners is from a piece by Janet Chui.

    Enjoy this issue, and remember, that we really love to get feedback. :)

    Be well,
    Ellen Million

    Ellen Million has always had a passion for projects. Visit her site for prints and embarrassing archives.

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