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August 2006

August 2006; Water



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  • To Tread Water
    by Apis Teicher

    We tread water and
    we learn to sink or swim
    to kick up dusty corners of our souls
    believe, act out, regret.

    Was it not here that my hands
    conjured your likeness
    formed your contours and your curves
    from clay and sand?

    We tread water when we must
    for on occasion it's too much
    too much for one to burden
    and not shatter

    Was it not there that I held you first
    that swore to hold you always
    was it not I that just that once believed
    there is no fear for the just, only reprieve.

    We tread water, or we'd like to think we do
    because insignificance is not a thought that we can stomach
    We tread water because drowning
    ah the drowning beckons, a molasses dream
    we tread water because we have found each other
    we once knew one another
    we once thought that this alone
    would be enough.

    We tread water because otherwise
    the mind disintegrates,
    heart breaks
    soul shatters...

    I tread water because I haven't conquered the reflex....

    Apis Teicher is a freelance writer and illustrator. She speaks several languages, has lived in five countries, including a three year stint working in Japan and is also deathly afraid of mimes and mold. She holds a Degree in English and Humanities from SFU and a 3D Computer Animation and Digital Effects Diploma from VFS, and perennially tries to put all of those to use in one form or another. Apis has published several pieces in other publications in Canada, is a staff writer and B.C. Correspondent for the newspaper AFTERWORD and a regular reviewer for COMIXPEDIA and has self published an artbook, Shadowspires, which can be bought from her site or from Amazon.

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