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November 2006

November 2006: Ghosts



  • Healthy Green Artists:
    The Safety of Paint Pigments
  • Wombat Droppings:
    Life's Mulch
  • Behind the Art:
    The Big Boo: A Tutorial
  • Myths and Symbols:
    A Goddess's Gift
  • EMG News:
    News for November!


  • Seven Steps for Sales Supremacy
  • Using References


  • Fiction: Forensics
  • Fiction: Lodun
  • Fiction: Jasmyn Smiles
  • Fiction: Ghosts in the Forum


  • Movie: The Prestige

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  • News for November!
    EMG News
    by Ellen Million

    In order to encourage folks to shop early for Christmas, here's a special promotion for you! $5 off any purchase over $5, anywhere at EMG! This expires at the end of November, so don't procrastinate too long! Enter this number in the 'voucher' field when you check out: 29110690001. Purchases at or under $5 cannot be honored in combination with the voucher (sorry!), but you can still get some awesome loot for a very low price if you're on a budget!

    EMG Giftshop

    Two new products have been added! Totes and buttons can now be purchased, with many of your favorite designs. The buttons are 2 1/4" pin-backed rounds. Perfect for a little magic everywhere you go! The totes are heavyweight natural canvas with colored handles. At 15" x 14.5" x 3", with gusset bottoms, these totes are great for carrying around extra art supplies. Find these fabulous new goodies at the giftshop!.


    Contributors need love too! Be sure to tell us how much you're enjoying EMG-Zine with a letter to the Editor! Our submission guidelines have been updated. We've got themes for the next 10 months laid out, and are currently accepting work for January in the theme of 'Dreams.' Remember that we have a wonderfully handy on-line submission form for artwork now!

    Portrait Adoption

    Horray! Submitted Descriptions are back at Portrait Adoption! If you've been keeping an eye out, waiting, and hoping, but haven't seen your character - wait no longer! Submit your description, and our artists will have a stab at realizing your vision. You might get two or a dozen portraits, and you may adopt as many or as few of them as you wish!

    EMG Printshop!

    The new print services site is open to the public and fully functional! I think we've gotten most of the bugs worked out of it, though I'm still keeping a very close eye on things. If you've thought that you might like to see your artwork on fabulous EMG products, now you can! It's free to join and easy to set up. You get a nifty storefront of your own, which can accept orders via credit card, paypal, check or money order. You don't have to deal with customers or shipping hassles - I'll take care of all that for you, so you know your customers will be in good hands.

    Enjoy your November! Remember to spare the sanity of your hardworking product goddess and order early for Christmas!


    Ellen Million has always had a passion for projects. Visit her site for prints and embarrassing archives.

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