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February 2006

February Issue: Romance



  • EMG News:
    February 2006
  • Wombat Droppings:
    On Romance
  • Healthy Green Artists:
    Let There Be Light!
  • Behind the Art:
    Basics of Composition
  • Cosplay101:
    First Thoughts when choosing a Costume
  • Myths and Symbols:
    The Sun, Part 1


  • Living with an Artist
  • My Wife the Artist
  • Romancing an Art Director
  • Online Marketing Part II: Your Site


  • PA Spotlight: Leonie Character from Elizabeth Weimer
  • Poem: The Limmer Bardís Wife
  • Fiction: Time for Valour: Treasure
  • Fiction: Do I Make You Happy?


  • Movie: 3rd Generation
  • Movie: Brokeback Mountain
  • Movie: The Promise

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  • February Issue: Romance
    by Ellen Million

    I have to first thank the wonderful people who have made this issue possible. To my co-editors Megan and Gette, much love and chocolate, to all of the contributors, you deserve more than I pay, Deborah, one of these months I'll get you desktops to make before the eleventh hour, and to all of the readers and enjoyers of EMG-Zine, you have great taste.

    I had a bug with the menu in IE, but I think (hopehopehope) that I've fixed it. If you have any difficulties navigating, please let me know!


    Janet talks about light in Healthy Green Artists, Ursula waxes eloquent about smut in Wombat Droppings, Annie tells us about composition in Behind the Art, Amy discusses costuming choices in Cosplay 101, Marina brings light into our life with stories about sun mythology in Myths and Symbols, and I gab a little about new stuff at EMG in EMG News.


    Ryan Decker and Roy Griffin spill all the dirt on living with artists, Liiga continues into talking about your site design in Online marketing, part 2, and I give you all the dirty secrets for keeping your art director happy in Romancing an Art Director.

    Fiction and Art!

    We have a glorious gallery of romantic artwork, with four tasty wallpapers for download. They're only available publicly for another day or so while I archive January's issue for subscribers only! Valerie Higgins brings us a touching poem of the Limmerbard's Wife, Camilla Grow asks the important questions in Do I Make You Happy? and Elizabeth Weimer takes us on a romantic moonlight dance in Valour: Treasure with Leonie, who is our Portrait Adoption Spotlight! Our boot camps for art and writing are coming on friday. Our awesome grapefruit heart is part of Amy Edward's piece.


    Three movies were reviewed this month - Andrea tells us about the Cantonese film 3rd Generation, Bertha has a look at Brokeback Mountain, and Gette scopes out the fairy tale of The Promise.


    If that's just not enough to keep you entertained, you should complain to the management. I'll take whatever comments you care to share over here at the contact form! And of course, I can't let you get away without pointing you back to our front page, where you too can purchase a nifty subscription for a low low price.

    As always, be well.

    Ellen Million has always had a passion for projects. Visit her site for prints and embarrassing archives.

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