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January 2007

January 2007 - Dreams



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  • Tentang Bulan
    Movie Review
    by Georgette Tan

    Genre: Family, Comedy
    Director: Ahmad Idham
    Language: Malay
    Cast: Mohd Addy Ashraf, Nik Adruce, Muhammad Nasiruddin, Nor Zam Zam Zakaria, Fatin Nur Afifah, Nur’Arina Abd Malek.
    URL: Official Website

    I watched four Malaysian movies in a row this month - Possession, Cicak-Man, Cinta, and Tentang Bulan. Let it be known that this is a personal record in my three years as a movie reviewer, and I intend to remedy this by catching Eragon at the next opportunity.

    Tentang Bulan (which translates to "about the moon") is a departure from Metrowealth Movies Production's usual fare, and they may have scored themselves a niche that is more accessible to the section of movie goers that avoids Metrowealth's kind of flicks like the plague. I didn't leave halfway, if that's any indication.

    In any case, this kid flick revolves around five village friends in the mid 80s - stereotypical crush material Mawi (Mohd Addy Ashraf), stereotypical fat kid Bulat (Nik Adruce), stereotypical pint-size terror Ketot (Muhammad Nasiruddin), stereotypical brains Budi (Nor Zam Zam Zakaria), and stereotypical tomboy Ila (Fatin Nur Afifah).

    Growing up comes with a set of familiar problems - parents, school, bullies. The five chat late into the night after religion class, dreaming that they would one day go to the moon.

    Things change when stereotypical pretty girl Zurina (Nur’Arina Abd Malek) arrives in their village. The boys are immediately smitten, abandoning Ila to pursue this new creature. Mawi makes the most progress with Zurina, although Bulat holds the record for making the most hilarious attempts.

    Ila begins to realise what they see in the new girl and attempts to be a little more feminine, but she was literally laughed off the playground by the boys. Upon running back home, she discovers that her parents have made arrangements to ship her out to Kuala Lumpur to attend a new school. She never does get to tell the boys because they go running at the sight of her. Mawi discovers this too late when he hears his parents talking.

    People love cute. That's why if you're under a certain age and height in the entertainment industry, you can do no wrong. To be fair, these kids have talent. The story is entertaining enough to keep you watching.

    The funny thing is that Ila is portrayed as jealous of Zurina throughout the movie, but in the end, we are given a hint that there was something else going on between them that the boys were not aware of. Perhaps this was why Ila doesn't act openly hostile with the new girl.

    Outside the juvenile love triangle, the comedic relief (Bulat, Ketot, and Budi) is highly amusing - Bulat with his insatiable appetite and colourful daydreams, Ketot making up for his lack of height with his attitude, and the asthmatic Budi who reaches for his inhaler every time he gets nervous.

    Georgette Tan writes for a Malaysian newspaper. She is fond of movies, long walks on the beach and clichés.

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