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March 2007

March 2007: Arabian Nights



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  • Time of the Faeries
    Book Review
    by Ellen Million

    Author: Joseph Corsentino

    Cover Design: Stephanie Lostimolo

    Graphic Design: Joseph Corsentino and Stephanie Lostimolo

    Art Direction: Robert Gould

    Editing: Nancy Berman

    I'm always a little nervous agreeing to review things for people I know. There's a fairly reasonable chance that I won't like something, and that I'll end up feeling bad for publicly pointing out the (to me!) obvious flaws in someone's pet project.

    Luckily, I didn't need to fret when I agreed to give Time of the Faeries a review.

    This large, soft-bound book (with cover flaps) is 76 full color pages, showcasing the photographic artwork of Joseph Corsentino and published by Imaginosis. The printing is excellent - full bleed color with thick, semi-glossy pages that perfectly suit the photographic nature of the book.

    In his introduction, Corsentino explains, "The tale of fiction I tell here is about us: who we are, how we relate and most important, how we deal with the latent magickal talents we all have within us... All the magickal beings of my world: the Faeries, Angels, Darklings, Nephilim and Shadme are metaphors for the greater forces that move and transform our lives."

    The premise is that Emily Evans, an outwardly normal girl living in our modern times, is contacted by a stranger who meets her in a bar and tells her all about faeries and angels. But these aren't faeries you may be familiar with through Disney's screen domination or even Grims' fairytales; these are more primal, more gritty and more magick-with-a-k. They are found, now, in our own urban areas, hiding their magical natures from the humans around them.

    Emily's revelation is that she herself is an angel, fallen from heaven, who lost her memory in the return of the faery forces to earth. Along with the knowledge of all these fae races, she is given a warning that her powers are returning, and that there are decisions of light and dark to be made. The story ends with the ultimatum to choose a card, and make a wish.

    The story is basic, and probably the weakest part of the volume - if you are looking for complex plot and character development, this is not for you. The writing is largely loosely connected prose bits that read more like poetry. In many places, it feels like nothing more than excuse to string together Corsentino's photographs - but it's an excuse I'll cheerfully take.

    The artwork is lush, elemental and gritty; the models are beautiful and unusual. The settings range from peaceful forests to dark, urban decay, and the manipulation of the photographs is done with an even, artistic touch and an evocative sense of environment and enchantment. This book is a beautiful addition to any fairy art collection!

    Ellen Million has always had a passion for projects. Visit her site for prints and embarrassing archives.

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