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April 2007

April 2007: Travel



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  • Travel Advice
    by Valerie Joanne Higgins

    To begin you must leave,
    You need a doorway, an egress, a way through,
    An open book, a flashing modem,
    Your own familiar garden gate will do.
    I don't recommend using windows,
    But that's up to you.

    A map can be a useful thing,
    If you don't know your way.
    Make sure you understand the symbols,
    Confusing mountain peaks with tent sites can ruin your day.
    Be careful when using the maps that talk,
    You can't always go where they say.

    Consider your kit and caboodle,
    How much should you carry and how?
    A horse will need hay, a car will need fuel,
    A dragon wants half of a cow.
    If you'll be passing through Customs,
    You need to know what they'll allow.

    Take a pillow to cushion your broomstick,
    Keep a blanket and torch in your car.
    Whenever you can be expected,
    Let someone trustworthy know where you are.
    Out in the wilds take a compass,
    In case the clouds cover your star.

    On locomotives take your own hammer,
    You might not reach the one on the train.
    After a crash, if you must break out of the window,
    You should strike at the edge of the pane.
    Get clear of the tracks and wait for help,
    Don't wander off in the rain.

    Take care of your feet if you're walking,
    Good boots help keep them blister free,
    And remember, however you travel,
    That walking is often Plan B.
    Traveling in mind by book, pen or online,
    Blink often, keep eyes fit to see.

    When abroad drink only water that's boiled,
    Make sure your food is served hot.
    Peel all your fruit or else you may find,
    Your belly will teach you to trot.
    Don't use the chain restaurants you go to at home,
    Or you might as well stay home as not.

    Make sketches, take photos, note what you learn,
    Write anecdotes down in a book.
    Just don't be so busy recording,
    That you never can just stop and look.
    Slide shows and stories are treasures for yourself,
    Be kind, let your friends off the hook.

    Travel can change you, so that you feel,
    That you can't fit back in your own space,
    Don't be too hasty, it can be hard,
    Making a home in a new place.
    Consider it well, then change what you must.
    To be true to the person,
    Who lives behind your face.


    Valerie Joanne Higgins a fantasy artist and poet who lives in Shropshire, England.

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