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May 2007

May 2007 - Music



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  • News for May
    EMG News
    by Ellen Million

    Late breaking news about Ellen's plumbing!

    I'll tell you, I sure enjoyed the running water in Mexico, and had a good vacation in general. I came back to more adventures in plumbing, including a leak in the tank (located in our basement) which required us to empty all that hard-earned water right down the hill. We're mostly back up and running now, though - the tank is fixed, and the thaw truck is outside right now forcing BTUs into the septic tank, so it's possible that I'll have a toilet again by the end of the week. Here's hoping.

    In less domestic news...

    Shipping prices, regrettably, are being raised today. USPS is hiking their prices again, and EMG's charge will be rising to meet the new cost.

    EMG Giftstore

    Holy moly, check out the new talents that have been added to our lineup since I last listed them! A warm welcome to: Sonia Hansman, Katy Jones, Giovanna Carbone-Adams, Carol Ochs, Lori Baratta, Bridget Wilde, A.L. Ashbaugh, and Tori Beveridge.

    Rum and Ruffians, the hilarious pirates coloring book, is back in stock! Now with a full color cover courtesy of Cris Griffin, with a full color back cover thanks to Joleen Flasher!

    In addition, we've got a new coloring book proofed and in the mail! You can now pre-order Fantasy Isn't Always Pretty, a gothic and dark fantasy coloring book. Difficulty level is Pretty Darn Challenging and subject matter is not suited for young kids or the faint of heart. These copies are shipped - I should be able to fill pre-orders within 2 weeks! (And if you can't get enough of dark fantasy or coloring, hold onto your hats, because I should be getting a proof of a second dark fantasy coloring book with this batch, too - this time all the artwork of Robin Nunez!)

    Portrait Adoption

    We've also got some hot new additions to the Portrait Adoption team! You'll want to check out the portraits that are coming available now, and remember that submitted description are open - this is an amazing opportunity to get a whole variety of character portraits to choose from.


    We're looking ahead to collecting fiction and artwork for the theme of "computers" for July! And of course, we'd always love to feature more articles and tutorials. If you'd got a piece in progress, consider sharing your tips and process with us!

    A few new features are being implemented! Check out the Industry News column, and submit your own, if you have some! There is a new drawing this month (finally! Congratulations to our last winner, Kir!), and the calendar has been updated with links to information about conventions and contest deadlines that may be of use to you!

    I'm working madly on the anthology, and largely caught up on other orders! Always free to offer any thoughts, comments and suggestions you may have - either through the contact form, or via a letter to the editor.

    Be well!


    Ellen Million has always had a passion for projects. Visit her site for prints and embarrassing archives.

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