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June 2007

June 2007 - Sun



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  • The Sun, The Moon, and The Nothing
    by Shannon Wolff

    Back at a time before time had truly begun,
    When the sky, the world and all things therein were still young.
    There came into being three brothers more different than alike,
    Unbeknownst to them how the world they would restrike.

    Kenza, the eldest and most responsible of the three,
    Was given the sun, a heavy charge to which he did readily agree.
    To Lubzo, the second born and moderately reliable at best,
    Was given the moon, to wax and wane, shine and rest.
    Lastly, Sabour, who was not to be counted on at all,
    Was given no charge, for any given to him would surly fall.

    Three bother there were and two post granted
    Yet, the youngest was not disenchanted.
    Let managing day and night be his brothers' chore,
    All his time to do as he pleased sounded like heaven to Sabour.

    So on it went as these things must,
    Kenza raising the sun and letting it fall to dusk.
    Then Lubzo putting so much of the moon in place,
    Though his task proved simple, his pride shown on his face.
    And Sabour, content to watch the world go on according to design,
    Little did he know there would soon be demands on his time.

    Trouble began one morning when Kenza woke and felt quite ill,
    All aches and fever, a runny nose and a monstrous chill.
    Alas he was not well enough to guide the sun,
    Still, ill or well, the chore was too important to be left undone.

    To his brother, Lubzo, Kenza plead his case,
    To take charge of the sun while he tended his sickness post hast.
    Yet, Lubzo did rashly refuse his brother's request,
    Proud and selfish as he was, he feared himself unequaled to the behest.
    Denied by Lubzo Kenza had no one else to implore,
    Except, of course, for his brother Sabour.

    The youngest brother did grudgingly accept the mission,
    To guide the sun across the sky for a daily twelve hour expedition.
    Still, wasn't long before Sabour began to hurry through the climb,
    Shaving off first seconds then minutes at a time.

    While Kenza struggled to get well, Sabour's rushing grew even bolder,
    Racing across the sky so the nights grew longer and the days colder.
    Sabour forced the sun still faster, heedless of how life below began to suffer,
    And selfish Lubzo took more time for the moon instead of relieving his brother.
    When Kenza took back the sun, he gasped at the damage's extent,
    The world all but frozen thanks to his brother's mismanagement.

    Still, he had no time for harsh words or to assign blame,
    In order to save the poor frozen world, his own anger he overcame.
    He would deal with Sabour later, for he knew where his brother liked to hide,
    But now a solution he must seek, so his own feelings he set aside.

    "If I melt the ice and snow to quickly floor waters would be set loose."
    Kenza thought with a sigh. "And that would be worse than my brother's abuse."
    Only one answer came to reliable Kenza's eye,
    To increase the daylight, and warmth, a little by and by.
    To this end, Kenza reversed his brother's bungle the same way it was committed,
    First seconds of light were added then minutes were admitted.

    Yet to thaw a frozen world took more time than Kenza had planned,
    Far more than the allotted twelve hours of light the icy world did demand.
    The extra time Kenza gave, though he rued robbing time from the moon.
    A fact proud selfish Lubzo noticed all too soon.

    "Kenza has goon to far and is now pushing me out of the sky."
    Grumbled Lubzo with jealous spite in his eye.
    "What's worse he'll burn out his beloved sun."
    He added to justify his resolve that something had to be done.
    Jealous as he was Lubzo didn't notice the sun returning to the twelve-hour mark,
    Nor did he see the now green world as he plotted alone in the dark.

    So it was with a cold heart but a warm smile,
    That Lubzo invited his brother to come to his house and rest a while.
    Without a second thought, exhausted Kenza accepted his brother's invitation,
    And gladly took a cup of tea with nothing but appreciation.

    What went unseen was Lubzo slipping sleeping brew into his brother's drink,
    So Kenza left even more tired then he came, like his head was full of ink.
    "With Kenza so weary the sun will be grounded and I shall rule the sky."
    Thought selfish Lubzo with a proud gleam in his eye.
    "And if Kenza takes too much time again he will get more of the same."
    Lubzo thought himself clever for his goal he did attain.

    So Kenza staggered on, now tired and weak,
    Wishing nothing more than his bed to seek.
    Yet, once more, he knew his task could not be left undone,
    And poor tired Kenza was forced to seek someone else to take the sun.

    Racking his weary brain Kenza tried to think of someone to ask,
    But, oh, who could he trust with such an important task?
    Again, Kenza asked Lubzo to take the sun with no success,
    All but laughing Lubzo turned away his brother's request.
    Once again Kenza was left with no one else to beg or implore,
    So, reluctantly he turned again to unreliable Sabour.

    On this cycle went from one year to the next,
    Propelled ever onward by Sabour's carelessness and Lubzo feeling vexed.
    And poor exhausted Kenza forever trying to set things right,
    Never completely knowing how his brothers caused his blight.

    What was set in motion then continues on to this very day,
    And the three brothers still have learned nothing along the way.
    Yet the sun still shines due to either Kenza or Sabour's toil,
    Spreading light for things to grow from the newly warmed soil.
    As Kenza takes back the sun and begins, Sabour's carelessness, to undo,
    There is only one thing left for life in this world, to begin anew.


    Shannon Wolff was born in Alaska and grew up in a little town called North Pole. This fact has lead every one of her relatives not familiar with Alaska, and complete strangers, to ask if she knows Santa Claus. She now resides in Cartersville, Georgia and is having mixed results with informing her new neighbors about her previous residence.

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