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July 2007

July 2007 - Computers



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  • My Computers
    by Valerie Joanne Higgins

    Finbar was more than I could afford,
    In ninety-seven the fastest in the mall.
    A puzzled rich friend's cast off toy,
    She traded him for a tropical island I painted on her wall.

    I have faster, smarter boxes now,
    But Finbar has an honourable fate.
    Wiped and re-written to be master of IpCop,
    Finbar is both guardian and gate.

    Charlie is where I sit to browse, upload, converse,
    My window into cyberspace.
    Where to show who I most truly am,
    I hide my mundane, real life face.

    Though slow by ultra-modern terms,
    Charlie is a mainstay of my team.
    To get him I learned tailoring from a book,
    Made six suits for points on a trading scheme.

    Goliath and Gauguin were serendipitous gifts,
    Courtesy of an exasperated wife,
    Who ordered that seventeen computers in her living room,
    Was not conducive to harmonious married life.

    I gratefully took in these hand built refugees,
    Promised faithfully to cherish and employ.
    They made it possible to begin to build a dream.
    A fine honed tool is a treasure and a joy.

    Goliath is my son's especial pet,
    Goliath being master of entertainment and song,
    Who my Resident Giant uses to animate rocket powered hamster heroes,
    When I'm not playing Shishen Sho or Mah Jong.

    Gauguin is my workbox, my pride, my studio,
    Where I type loopy poems and create my deranged art.
    He earns pennies for scanners and tablets and other toys,
    But fine as he is this is just the start.

    I name my computers as a warrior names his blades,
    There is magic in them, they give his hand such reach.
    There is magic in a box that reaches round the world,
    And has so many tools to use and skills to teach.

    (all names changed to protect network security)


    Valerie Joanne Higgins a fantasy artist and poet who lives in Shropshire, England.

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