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August 2007

August 2007 - Cats



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  • Spring
    by Doris Hernandez

    I rested to forget weary reality
    a willing prisoner of pillows
    And the dream took over
    my limbs so deliciously light

    Relaxing in a meadow
    the very definition of spring!
    I wore a costume
    (it didn't seem odd)
    and many years less.

    A tail I had and stripes
    and tall ears too can't forget
    and bemused I stayed

    Then as if by chance
    (as the grasses swayed)
    A living jewel flew by.

    It drew my artistic soul
    Entranced the cat in me!
    Called to my grace
    the curiosity!

    It flittered and sang
    so joyously free
    What delight to my senses
    to be so alive

    Waking was heartbreak
    but oh what a sweet spring dream.


    Doris Hernandez is a dreamer owned by 3 cats and a cranky Lutino Cockatiel in New York. She is self-taught, though she'd love to take a few art classes, time permitting. Reality sometimes gets in the way of her dreams - artwork of every type.

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