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February 2006

February Issue: Romance



  • EMG News:
    February 2006
  • Wombat Droppings:
    On Romance
  • Healthy Green Artists:
    Let There Be Light!
  • Behind the Art:
    Basics of Composition
  • Cosplay101:
    First Thoughts when choosing a Costume
  • Myths and Symbols:
    The Sun, Part 1


  • Living with an Artist
  • My Wife the Artist
  • Romancing an Art Director
  • Online Marketing Part II: Your Site


  • PA Spotlight: Leonie Character from Elizabeth Weimer
  • Poem: The Limmer Bardís Wife
  • Fiction: Time for Valour: Treasure
  • Fiction: Do I Make You Happy?


  • Movie: 3rd Generation
  • Movie: Brokeback Mountain
  • Movie: The Promise

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  • Leonie Character from Elizabeth Weimer
    by Christine (Cris) Griffin and Liiga Smilshkalne

    Leonie by Christine Griffin
    Hear my silent prayer
    Heed my quiet call...
    When the dark and blue surround you.
    Step into my sigh
    Look inside the light
    You will know that...

    I have found you.

    Character Name: Leonie
    Game Platform: RoseGarden of SIONLY
    Gender: Female
    Age: Nineteen
    Race: Human/Vampire
    Hair: Impossible tangle of burnished copper curls flowing past her hips
    Eyes: Wide large velvet pansy eyes ...brilliant violet blue rimmed with dark lashes....arching dark brows
    Skin: Alabaster pale with a warm seashell glow, faint rose tinted cheeks, luscious red lips that can curve engagingly or promise unleashed passion.
    Face Shape: Cameo...delicate...high cheek bones...roman nose...determined little chin.
    Height and Build: 5'2, slight and deceptively delicate looking...long legged and boyish in her breeches, but deliciously feminine in skirts.
    Clothing: She either is dressed as befitting a Queen... gossamer and lace....velvets. Time period...late 1600's. Or...dressed in black velvet doublet and breeches, boots... a long thin blade, with a rose etched in the hilt.

    Background: Small of stature, slight, and delicate, her flaming curls and alabaster skin contrast sharply with the black brows and lashes framing large, brilliant violet-blue eyes. Once the charming tomboy Leon, she has blossomed into an exquisite Queen. Soft spoken, yet radiantly regal, she is graceful in gossamer gowns that seem to float with her every step. Forever 19, yet there is something about those exotic eyes! So Familiar!! So Unforgettable!! Haunting your dreams, she is the face you see in a misty night, the footsteps you hear down the hall, her laughter the song that floats on a summer's eve. Yet beware! For this soft, fragile rose is a Pirate, hot of temper, coolly calculating. Fearless and fiercely passionate, she strides the decks of her flagship, her thin blade grasped and ready in her small hand. Take heed, for her pure heart belongs to SIONLY, and her blade is sharp.

    Born during a time when nobility reigned supreme, and men did anything not only to acquire it, but to retain the wealth and prestige that accompanied it, it is a miracle that Leonie survived her childhood. Yet...survive she did...beyond mortal expectations.

    One day, she flees a beating only to run into Jack of SIONLY. Jack is a soft spoken pirate who tends to his Rose Garden. He is also a vampire, darkly sensual, erotic and insatiable. The ageless vampire rescues what he thinks to be the boy, Leon, then takes her to his garden, where it does not take him long to realize that Leon is Leonie.

    Jack sires the tomboy, and demands that she learn to be girl again. Leonie struggles with her skirts, preferring boots and breeches, wild horses and swords, but under William's inflexible guidance, emerges like a butterfly from a cocoon...going from impudent scamp to the breathtaking young Queen of SIONLY...and the intrepid leader of the madcap crew of the Rebecca Lee.

    The years pass, oft times turbulent, still SIONLY and the Rose Garden steadily grow, becoming a place of beauty and mystery....a magical place spoken of in awed whispers throughout the world.

    Jack is gone. His past did finally catch up with him....taking him from the family that bears his name. Surrounded by her family, she carries on, knowing that for every end, there is a new beginning.

    Yet...sometimes...that new beginning is obscured. Emerging out of the darkness, it touches you, yet slips away, and you are left lost in the mists of confusion. Such is the fate of Leonie.

    Struggling with the chains of the past, trying to stand on her own, her vision is not clear. There are those who try to steal the wealth of her garden from her. Fortunately, the Pirate Queen surfaces, and with one sure swift stroke of that wicked thin blade of hers, she ends any further trespasses of poaching hands.

    As each lesson is learned, Leonie's heart hardens. Still, she is plagued by dreams. Someone is searching for her...coming for her...someone who has always been there, yet who has been waiting for the right time...the right moment.

    Leonie by Liiga Smilshkalne
    It is on the heels of these dreams, that the past seems to be reaching out to claim her. Almost too late, Leonie realizes the danger...not only to the garden, but herself, leaving her disillusioned, hurting, her trust non-existent, and yes, terribly afraid of the dark and its aching emptiness. Feeling so alone, Leonie tries valiantly to pick up the missing pieces of her life.

    Still...the hands of fate have not been idle. The mists of confusion having slowly been clearing, and the answer to her dreams is right in front of her.

    As a woman, Leonie has lived, loved and lost. Yet, she would not change any of it, for she believes to the depths of her very being that everything happens for a reason, and all she has endured up until now is but the path that has brought her to where she stands now...

    ...with Valour...

    ....and to a love to last until the end of time.

    The missing pieces of her life have been there all along...right before her the strong, solid figure of Valour. He is the figure in her dreams...the one calling to her from the mists of the past...waiting patiently. The truth has been in her heart from the moment she first saw him, yet she has denied it's voice, the time not right, she not ready.

    Leonie thinks of her Valour, his tall form, muscular and commanding. Non, no one will steal her from those arms. They will hold her fast, protective and loving. With this clarity of vision, understanding floods over her, and Leonie knows with certainty that this love is her only love, meant to endure the hardships and the blessings of this eternal life. In Valour, she has found her heart's true desire. She loves him simply...with all heart.

    It is written that true love is a rare thing. Books and sonnets abound as poets through the centuries have expounded on the wayward course of that mighty emotion. But as he stands there...right in front of her...

    Leonie knows that here is true love....

    and his name is... Valour.

    En Avante!

    One of the features at Portrait Adoption is the Submitted Description service. Someone seeking a portrait of their character - for a story, or a game, or even a fantasized portrait of themselves - inputs a chOne of the features at Portrait Adoption is the Submitted Description service. Someone seeking a portrait of their character - for a story, or a game, or even a fantasized portrait of themselves - inputs a character description which is shared with the Portrait Adoption artists. Any artist who wishes to may take a stab at creating a portrait for it. Sometimes, none of them are quite right. Sometimes, more than one is just perfect! The gamer or writer may select as many or as few as they wish to adopt. This monthly feature of EMG-Zine highlights one of the descriptions and shows off some of the artwork created for it, with permission of the customer and the artists.

    Elizabeth Weimer owns Leonie.

    Christine (Cris) Griffin has always had a passion for projects. Visit her site for prints and embarrassing archives.

    Liiga Smilshkalne is a person who likes to do an intimidatingly large amount of things, preferably all at the same time, but she's been devoting enough time to drawing now to dare call herself an artist. She works mostly digitally and has designed posters, brochures, logos, CCG cards, magazine illustrations and plenty of character portraits.

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