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October 2007

October 2007 -- Ninjas



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  • Poem: Ninja Lolita
  • Fiction: Striking Black Silence
  • Poem: Deadly Flowers
  • Fiction: Next Time, Buy Retail

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  • Deadly Flowers
    by Shannon Wolff

    Moonlight spills across the ground
    As the deadly flower slips through the shadows without a sound
    Silence is her ally, stealth her greatest protection
    Least an alarm is raised and spreads like an infection

    Years of training she puts into action
    Often playing the part of the disguise she has on
    Then dropping the facade when the moment is right
    Later to vanish before her deeds are brought to light

    Slow-witted servant to a fighter clad in black
    Meek manors and shy eyes set aside so she can attack
    Graceful as a swan, agile as a hawk, she moves towards her goal
    Whilst staying in the shadows, blacker than coal

    Her mission she carries out with the stealth of a ghost
    Often slipping past the sentry at his post
    Accomplish her mission she undoubtedly will
    Whether it is a gem to be stolen or blood to spill

    Her work done, she quietly goes along her way
    Careful that dawn finds her far, far away
    Come daylight one thing will become abundantly clear
    Last night there was a deadly flower here

    Shannon Wolff was born in Alaska and grew up in a little town called North Pole. This fact has lead every one of her relatives not familiar with Alaska, and complete strangers, to ask if she knows Santa Claus. She now resides in Cartersville, Georgia and is having mixed results with informing her new neighbors about her previous residence.

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