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December 2007

December 2007 -- Snow



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  • Snow
    by Julia Ruane-Smith

    The temperature dropped last night
    And the rain changed her appearance
    To be dressed in frills and lace.
    I danced with each flake individually
    Swirling, floating in a downward step
    Keeping time by the trees
    (The way they beat across each other),
    Finally landing deep within a blanket of white silk.

    Julia Ruane-Smith has been described as having a sprite-like personality and derives her inspiration from the mountains, woods and oceans. Despite coping with a variety of auto-immune disorders, she maintains a positive outlook on life and feels that every day is a blessing. Her mission is to help people reach beyond the every-day, touch the fantastic, and embrace the spiritual – the unseen essence of life and happiness. Since childhood, her heart’s desire has been to become an artist. She now creates cards and artwork to encourage everyone to open their imaginations to the possibility of life beyond the ordinary. She is a native of Norfolk, VA, where she lives with her husband, Burton; border collie, King; cats Misty and D.C.; and foster dog Dylan.

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