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December 2007

December 2007 -- Snow



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  • Snow Nights
    by Shannon Wolff

    ďCome in for dinner,Ē a mother calls from her doorstep
    As her child continues his snowy play
    Reluctantly, he heeds her call
    While the last traces of daylight fade away

    Across the neighborhood lights go on
    As families share their evening meal
    And parents nod absent-mindedly at their childrenís stories
    Never suspecting they might be real

    Once the plates are cleared and homework is done
    The dishes washed and the children asleep
    All the lights go out and the neighborhood slumbers
    Never suspecting this is when snowmen start to creep

    Without a sound the snowmen survey their fridge world
    They blink their coal and button eyes
    They must be sure all the humans are asleep
    Before they shed their statue-like guise

    In hushed tones the snowmen whisper to each other
    ďAre the humans in for the night? Is the coast clear?Ē
    Cautiously they survey darkened houses
    While overhead, the stars, one by one appear

    At first only the most daring snowmen move
    While all the others tremble with fright
    All it would take is one set of prying eyes
    And their secret would be brought to light

    No screams fill the darkened fridge air
    Nor alarmed gasps of dismay
    Cheerfully the snowmen go about
    Now that they know it is safe to play

    Some snowmen turn cartwheels
    And some throw snowballs at each other
    Adventurous snowmen explore the neighborhood
    While those less daring around their original place hover

    Snowmen playing on skis and in snow forts
    Snowmen riding sleds and snowmen on skates
    Several snowmen playing tag, loosing mittens and hats
    And one snowman freezing hinges of neighborhood gates

    Snowmen laughing, snowmen talking
    All having the grandest time
    Until dawn begins to creep over the horizon
    Then itís back to their places, where no one will pay them any mind

    In the morning, when the neighborhood awakes
    All will seem as it did the night before
    The snowmen nothing more than snowflakes pressed together
    Unknown to all how the nighttime they adore

    Of course, questions will spring from human lips as the day starts
    Wondering if thatís where they left their sleds and skates
    Others will ask about the missing hats and mittens
    And many will wonder about the frozen hinges of their gates

    The snowmen will only share a silent laugh
    At the unintended results of their mischief
    And while the humans scramble to return things to their places
    None notice the snowmenís smiles widen by a hairís breadth

    Shannon Wolff was born in Alaska and grew up in a little town called North Pole. This fact has lead every one of her relatives not familiar with Alaska, and complete strangers, to ask if she knows Santa Claus. She now resides in Cartersville, Georgia and is having mixed results with informing her new neighbors about her previous residence.

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