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December 2007

December 2007 -- Snow



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  • Creating Bookmarks
    Behind the Art
    by Annie Rodrigue

    This month, I wanted to do something fun for the Holiday season. So we will be using our artwork to make bookmarks!

    The Material

    1. Eyelets
    2. Corner punch
    3. Ribbon
    4. Laminating machine
    5. Laminating paper
    6. Belt punch
    7. Eyelet punch
    8. Printing paper
    9. Beads
    10. Paper cutter

    As you can see, most of these items can be bought in stores near you. For the corner punch, a simple scrapbooking corner punch will also do. It might be a little tougher to use when cutting laminated paper, but it will still work. Most of these items I have either found in a fabric store, or crafting store.

    Step 1: Preparing the File in Photoshop

    You have to decide, before doing anything in Photoshop, what size you want your bookmarks to be. Mine are 2 inches by 7 inches. Create a new file the size of your printing paper. Make sure that the new file is of at least 300 dpi, to allow for a good printing quality. Open the file of the artwork you wish to put on the bookmark. Resize and /or crop the image until it is 2x7 inches. Than copy the resized image on the empty file. Duplicate that layer as many times as you can fit into the sheet of paper. (I can usually fit 2 bookmarks on a 5x7 or 5 bookmarks on a 8.5x11 sheet of paper.)

    Step 2: Printing

    This part isnít too difficult. Simply print as many different or same bookmarks as you want to do. I like using nice glossy photo paper that doesnít have any writing in the back. Also, remember that the thicker the paper is, the stronger the bookmarks will be.

    Step 3: Cutting the Paper

    Simply cut each bookmark with the paper cutter (or an x-acto). Make sure that no white paper shows. This will make for clean and beautiful bookmarks. Once they are cut, take the corner punch and cut four round corners for each sheet. The next step is not necessary, but I like to put a sticker on the back of the bookmark with my name and website.

    Step 4: Laminating and Cutting

    Depending on the laminating machine, you might have to start it early so that it warms up. While doing so, I usually prepare all my sheets of paper in the laminating paper. You can put up to 5 sheets of 2x7 inches in one 8.5x11 laminating sheet. Put them in the laminating machine. Once they are all done, you will have to cut them again using the paper cutter. You will also have to do the corners again with the corner punch. You now have bookmarks!

    Step 5: Punching a hole and installing eyelets

    But we can push it a little further by adding a nice ribbon and beads. But to do this, we will first need to punch holes. Use the belt punch (check the size of the punch that you need using one of the eyelets). Once the hole is done, put the eyelet in. Now use the eyelet punch to install it.

    Step 6: Beading and Ribbons

    For this step, I cut a long piece of ribbon, fold it in two and tie a knot. Slide one or two beads on the tied ribbon. Finally, pass the ribbon through the eyelet until you have an even length of ribbon on both sides. Take the beaded side of the ribbon and pass it in the loop of the ribbon and pull. You are done!

    Whatís Next?

    Well, as sad as this makes me, this is the last column from me at EMG-Zine. I really hope you have enjoyed these articles. I canít believe itís already been two years! Wishing you all Happy Holidays! And thank you for reading!

    Annie Rodrigue

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