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December 2007

December 2007 -- Snow



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  • Fairy Tutorial
    by Holly Durr

    This tutorial shows how to burnish with Prismacolor Pencils on black Stonehenge paper. Both are available through You can also use black illustration board or black mat-board. A word of caution to beginners: Never start out using heavy pressure on your pencils unless you will only be using that one color for the background, or something of that nature.

    Step 1:
    First I draw my fairy.

    Step 2:
    I transfer the drawing to my black Stonehenge paper. Then I outline with cool gray 30% colored pencil. I begin to color it in with a medium peach color, using light pressure. Here I used Deco Orange (Prismacolor no longer makes this color; you can use what ever colors you like). You may notice that some areas look like more black is showing through. I will be using a darker peach and other colors in these areas.

    Step 3:
    Next I begin to color in the dress and hair with white, using light pressure. I tried to pick out three blue colors that would go together pretty well: a light, medium, and darker blue. If you want to lighten up areas later, you can use white. If you want to darken things, you can use indigo blue or black.

    Step 4:
    Still working on the hair and dress, I use the light blue and use medium pressure. I make sure not to color in the areas that I want to be really light.

    Step 5:
    Using the medium blue, I start shading in my darker areas, still using medium pressure. Everything is still looking pretty flat.

    Step 6:
    At this point of the tutorial, the piece will begin to come together nicely. I begin to shade with the dark blue, using medium pressure. I will use less pressure to fade it into the medium blue. I go back into my light areas with light blue and medium pressure, also fading it into the medium blue with decreasing pressure. For the hair, be sure to use more of a stroke that fades so it will look more like hair. In a few areas I add indigo blue to make it stand out more. Your piece will begin to look shiny in these areas. This is how you will know you are burnishing.

    Step 7:
    At this stage I jump back to the face. I begin to color in the eyes. Then I use light peach in my really light areas and dark peach in my dark areas with medium pressure.

    Step 8:
    Still using medium pressure, I use my medium peach to blend both the light peach and dark peach together. You might have to add some more color with your light and dark peach so the black of the paper isn't showing through. I also add some white to make some highlights lighter and I add some light umber and dark brown to make shadows.

    Step 9:
    At this point I go back into the hair and finish my dark stands. I use indigo blue and white together. Using the techniques I use with my lighter hair stands on these. Then I move onto the background. I shade it in with medium to light pressure with light blue. I also start on the fairy wings.

    Step 10:
    I finish up shading in the background with indigo blue. I work more on the hair, wings, stars and her eyes and lips.

    Step 11:
    This step is optional. I like to add a little sparkle, so I go in with acrylic paints to add highlights.

    Reprinted with permission from the artist.

    Holly Durr Holly Durr is a self-taught artist from the beautiful hills of West Virginia. Her media of choice is colored pencils. She has worked with this media for the past 14 years and has mastered it. She draws a variety of styles including realistic, whimsical, surreal, and many others. Her favorite subject is fantasy art.

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