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December 2007

December 2007 -- Snow



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  • December 2007 -- Snow
    by Jennifer Broschinsky

    Welcome to the December issue of EMG-Zine! Those of us in Northern Hemisphere climes are feeling the first bites of winter, and appropriately, this issue's theme is Snow.

    Whether you love or hate the stuff, few could fail to be moved by the gentle mounds of new-fallen snow on a moonlit night... and those of us who have seen it in person well know the mystery and feel of magic that can accompany such a scene.

    This month, Janet gives us some creating and recycling tips to help us leave behind the commercialism of the season; Ursula is back (YAY!!) and not ready yet for December; Marina explores the history of Blue, and Annie, in her last feature for EMG-Zine (we will miss you!) shows us how to make our own bookmarks. Pierre Carles continues his feature on Japanese swords, and Holly Durr demonstrates her colored-pencil burnishing process. We have plenty of snow-laden poetry and fiction as well. Enjoy!

    If you would like to submit work for our February issue, the theme is Rats. Be sure to check out the guidelines before you submit.

    Jennifer Broschinsky has, since her youth, filled her sketchbooks with things feathered and furred, winged and scaled. She is currently working on a sequential art story called Songseeker, and is working on raising three sons.

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