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January 2008

January 2008 -- Dawn



  • Behind the Art:
    Practical Color Theory, Part 1
  • Myths and Symbols:
    Red, a King Dethroned
  • Healthy Green Artists:
    Green Resolutions
  • Artist Spotlight:
    The Whimsical work of Arthur Rackham, 1867-1939
  • EMG News:
    Dawn of a New Year
  • Wombat Droppings:
    Tackling New Media


  • Starting a Home Business for Artists
  • Starting With The GIMP, pt 1


  • Poem: City Fragments Resolved
  • Fiction: Understudy Dawn


  • Falheria: Dawn
  • Tomb of the King: Prologue

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  • City Fragments Resolved
    by Jennifer Cabbage

    The city sleeps...
    and weary streets take respite from their toil.
    Nightdwellers creep from hidden burrows,
    joined in games of ancient custom.
    Rain-washed roads of barren pavement,
    fading light from sagging lamp-posts,
    gothic, monstrous, concrete dragons
    breathe and wheeze through metal bellows.
    Giants' playthings, scattered, broken,
    creatures of a mythic notion,
    creeping, tumbling, laughing, running,
    the undercity spills its tenants:
    idioms on roller skates
    and metaphors on holiday,
    greet legends born of urban visions,
    nightmares of a civic servant.
    Figments of imaginations
    gathered from a dozen quarters,
    tangled in fantastic frolic,
    mingled in peculiar fashion.
    Timeless hours pass in revel,
    daybreak nears and laughter falters.
    Swiftly dimming starlight falls on
    fleeing shadows... rippling wisps
    of fable hasten to their lairs
    as canyons built of steel and stone
    warm slowly to the blood-red dawn.

    Jennifer Cabbage lives in Oregon and is currently attempting to figure out how to cram at least 6 extra hours into every day.

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