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February 2008

February 2008 -- Rats



  • Behind the Art:
    Sketching in the Field
  • Myths and Symbols:
    The Crafty One
  • Wombat Droppings:
    Rules of Art
  • Artist Spotlight:
    The Art and Life of Sulamith Wulfing
  • Healthy Green Artists:
    Making It Last!
  • EMG News:
    EMG news for February 2008


  • The Gimp for Beginners: Two Basic Tasks
  • I Knew It Would Come To This: Painting Walkthrough


  • Poem: Smithkin's Rats
  • Fiction: Oh, Rats


  • Falheria: Rats!
  • Tomb of the King: The Map, Pt 1

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  • I Knew It Would Come To This: Painting Walkthrough
    by Amy Edwards

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    Step 23

    Now I leave my bottle for a time to paint in the ground my bottle is standing on. I use a brush with medium opacity and just lie color down without much attention to detail - again, this isn't a focus area, and too much detail in unimportant areas draws the eye where you don't want it to go. Later on, when the rest of the picture is closer to complete, I'll tweak this, but for now, I really don't want to be fussy or I'll over-work it.

    Step 24

    Now my bottle needs a cork! Using a small brush, and once again, starting with the shadows first, I paint one in.

    Step 25

    Using a medium soft brush on medium to high opacity, I block in the rough shape of feathers. I'm not being fussy here, as refining feathers is a messy business, and it'll all look ok in the end as I refine.

    Step 26

    I refine the shape of the feathers, adding in highlights and shape.

    Step 27

    I add in the bolder highlights and finer detail. I make some parts of the feathers "fluffy" with the smudge tool and a tiny, tiny brush.

    Step 28

    The background needs attention now, and using a wide range of brushes in a range of opacities and colors, I build depth through variation. The father away anything is, the less saturated in appears to the eye. For this reason, I'm using a mix of saturations and textures.

    Step 29

    I decide to add some extra feathers, a crow in the distant background, tweak some highlights and shading, and I'm done!!

    The finished picture:

    Reprinted with permission from Amy Edwards's website,

    Amy Edwards

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