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May 2008

May 2008 -- Trains



  • Behind the Art:
    Making your own Paint Reference Cards
  • Myths and Symbols:
    If only Charles Babbage...
  • EMG News:
    News for May
  • Artist Spotlight:
    The Fantasy Artwork of Ida Rentoul Outhwaite
  • Wombat Droppings:
    Internet (Do Not) Panic
  • Healthy Green Artists:
    Art Show Season Again!


  • Advanced Licensing for Visual Artists
  • To LARP or not to LARP -- that is the latex-covered question
  • Orphan Works


  • Poem: The Vineyard Train
  • Fiction: The Ticket


  • Falheria: Trains
  • Tomb of the King: Valley of the Moon, Pt 1

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  • News for May
    EMG News
    by Ellen Million

    EMG Giftshop

    Two new coloring books are available! The first, Fantastic Magic, is a little bit easier than most of the other coloring books and more kid-friendly, this book is sure to please. Lots of fairies and dragons, and a gorgeous cover from Meredith Dillman. Artists include Meredith, Selina Fenech, Crystal Gafford, Jenny Heidewald, Jayde Hilliard, Katrina Joyner, Mary Layton, MR Millard, Kimberly D. Phillips and E.D. Siffert.

    The second new coloring book is the Songgryphons Coloring book, by Esther Brendel. 14 of the most adorable pictures of the gryphon's smaller cousin, captured with their specimen names in this special 8 inch x 8 inch square coloring book.

    With submissions open, we've got a lot of new work going up at the site, including work from Eden Celeste, Jaqueline Collen-Tarrolly, Kirsten Talmage, Crystal Gafford, Linda Peltola, Rachel Tallamy, Carmen Keys, Starla Friend, Erika Harm, and Lisa Eshkenazi. A warm welcome to new artists Teri Rosario, Crystal Charee, Christina Cartwright, and T. Allison Toland.

    Portrait Adoption

    A big welcome to several new artists! You can now find portraits by Teri Rosario, Kristina Gehrmann, Brittany Lynn, and Crystal Charee. And, we've got new portraits from Marie Rose, JM Rivas, Jacob Probelski, Lorna Cowie, Casandra Ciocian, Mary Rose Magpily and Christina Cartwright!

    You may not notice much of a difference right up front, but the submitted description service has gotten a complete overhaul. We're still technically in beta, because you guys will probably think of inventive new ways to break the system, but if you've been tempted to take the service for a spin, now's the time!

    The submission form looks a lot the same, but it enters your description right into a database where you can check on it, and see how many artists are signed up Right Now, and compare all the portraits that get submitted for it. We've also made it even easier to get a commission if you want to do a more traditional transaction. Fill out your description, set your price, and see which artists might be interested in working with you! That way, you're only contacting artist who already want to work on your description for your price! The finished commissions can be purchased through PA, if you wish, or you can take them off-site. (Small print: I can't be responsible for all of my artists all of the time! Commissions are a transaction between you and the artist and PA is not involved until there is a finished piece!)

    Additionally, we've got an awesome new page that shows ALL the thumbnails in one view. It's a heck of a download, but WOW! If you hover your mouse over the piece, it will even tell you the price.

    Minion Spotlight

    I couldn't do what I do without a little help from my friends, and I'd like to take a moment to highlight some of this help! Giovanna Adams has been acting as our Submitted Descriptions fairy for almost two years now - handling all of the descriptions that are submitted, verifying email addresses, ferrying questions to the client if there are any, and generally being an incredible, generous help.

    A member of both Portrait Adoption and The Giftshop, Giovanna's always been game for the odd task and strange question, and has cheerfully helped out time and again. We'll be seeing less of the Submitted Description Fairy now that so much of the process has been automated, but know that I've been wildly grateful for the help! Thank you, Giovanna!

    Print Services

    Still closed for new customers, sorry!

    Ellen Million has always had a passion for projects. Visit her site for prints and embarrassing archives.

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