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  • Horned
    by Michelle M. Mead

    And when the oxen came, the stars had touched the sun
    the sheep left in the meadow had only just begun to run
    gardens filled with fairies wearing feathers in their caps
    while bees made the honey and the spiders set their traps

    One Ox looked in surprise as he came upon her there
    the Unicorn as white as snow was prancing in the air
    he wondered then if maybe he could be as magical as she
    like no other on the farm with such grace and running free

    Unicorn tossed her hair to let him know that she agreed
    that even those born upon a farm one day could be freed
    she liked the sparkle in his eye though his body was quite old
    she knew that within his chest beat a heart both strong and bold

    Ox followed Unicorn out into the farthest fields one May
    they danced among the lilies though he knew they couldn�t stay
    days they passed, as did the grass, turning into clean white snow
    Ox he worried, but Unicorn knew, December's cold would go

    "I don't understand why you stay with me," said Ox to his friend,
    "There are others far better when you have some time to spend."
    "Because, dear friend, with your strength there is some hope for me,"
    said Unicorn. "Don't be forlorn, it's in magic that I still believe."

    So Ox took a few tentative steps to walk along with his true mate
    still unsure if he was wrong and if together they tempted fate
    but like Unicorn he knew he must believe in his wildest dreams
    and that what is and what will be are not always what they seem

    Michelle M. Mead is a writer from the Hudson Valley in New York. She Co-Edits a local children’s magazine called WHIMSY for which she writes poetry, book reviews and author/illustrator interviews. She has been published in various ezines (most recently, THE CLOCKWISE CAT, Issue 8), as well as in the print publication SONGS OF INNOCENCE (AND EXPERIENCE) and her chapbook MOONGIRLS AND NIGHTDREAMS.

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