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March 2009

March 2009 -- Selkies



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  • Poem: Seven Tears
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  • Seven Tears
    by Michelle M. Mead

    Seven tears for seven years, she cried into the sea,
    for it was very long that they were gone,
    her fisherman husbands three.

    Three weddings for three beddings, she loved to let them play,
    and although she tried, they always died,
    or simply sailed away.

    Seven times wrote seven rhymes, to the selkie man so fine,
    though he begged for more, when he washed ashore,
    she always made him pine.

    Three long nights of three sweet delights, spent in utter bliss,
    she forgot his name, but who’s to blame,
    when touched by a selkie’s kiss.

    Seven starts mean seven departs, for this is the way of things,
    she missed him then, much more than the men,
    who gave her wedding rings.

    Three wedding rings, three sorrows bring, into a lady’s life,
    so the moral here, is no selkies fear,
    and don’t become a wife!

    Michelle M. Mead is a writer from the Hudson Valley in New York. She Co-Edits a local children’s magazine called WHIMSY for which she writes poetry, book reviews and author/illustrator interviews. She has been published in various ezines (most recently, THE CLOCKWISE CAT, Issue 8), as well as in the print publication SONGS OF INNOCENCE (AND EXPERIENCE) and her chapbook MOONGIRLS AND NIGHTDREAMS.

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