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April 2009

April 2009 -- Shells



  • Behind the Art:
    Shell Dragon in Colored Pencil
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    Jack Of All Trades
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  • Wombat Droppings:
    Working With Gold Leaf (Or, Wombats Don't Poop Gold)


  • Pencil Case and Cover
  • The Secret Obsession of an Apathetic Crafter


  • Fiction: The Day The Sea Sang


  • Tomb of the King: Pandoryn, Pt 5

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  • Pencil Case and Cover
    by Lisa Victoria

    1 yard of 53" width fabric (lightweight denim, lightweight
    canvas, or quilter's cloth double thickness so 2 yards). Fabric in demo is a two sided fabric: leopard print/denim. 2 yards elastic ⅜" wide.
    3 pieces of ⅛"-thick chipboard, 8 " X 11"
    yard of ⅛" ribbon
    2 buttons.

    1. Cut one single layer of sturdy fabric 10" X 53". Measure 10" from the edge, mark a line with white chalk pencil and cut.

    2. Creating the Pencil Pocket Pages:

    3. Spread cloth out flat again. Measure 3 " from each edge and pin elastic to cloth.
    * leave the pins in after sewing to hold the elastic straight when sewing the dividers in step 4. Also use a ruler when sewing, to double check the 3 " space from the edges.

    4. Making the Pencil Pockets: With a pen, mark the spacing for the pencil pockets on the elastic. Leave ⅜" " on each side of each page as shown below. Pencil pockets are 1 ⅛" wide.

    Sew pencil pockets by sewing alongside the elastic then pivot and sew/reverse to make the divider. (for less starting/stopping and less thread cutting)

    5. Finishing the ends: Sew ends of elastic down. Cut 4: 1 X 1 ⅜ rectangles to cover the elastic. Cut 2 lengths of 10 ribbon.

    6. Sew ribbon to the two elastic strips on the back cover. Zig zag stitch a rectangle on top each. Zig zag rectangles on top the front cover elastic strip ends. Sew a button on top those two pieces.

    7. Fold back into book shape, sew, and finish edges with zig zag stitch.

    8. Chipboard Inserts: Cut chipboard for the pockets. End inserts are 8 " X 9 ". The middle one is a smaller 8" X 9", so the book pages are even when it is closed. Insert chipboard into pockets. Sew the openings closed by hand. Place pencils in the book and bend the chipboard cover as needed to fit.

    9. Book Spine: This is optional, but it finishes off the end nicely. Cut a fabric strip 2" X 11". Fold " in from each edge and press with hot iron. Trim top and bottom side to " and cut corners off as shown below. Then topstitch edges, and hand sew book spine to the book.

    10. Pencil Case Cover: Cut a single piece of fabric 12" X 22" Fold in half (right sides facing out), press, sew side seams " in, trim seam to ⅛" and cut corners.

    11. Turn inside out, press, and sew side seams " in. This creates a casing for the raw edges.

    12. Turn right side out, press, stitch casing flat as pictured:

    13. Finishing Case Top Edge: Turn top edge " and press.

    14. Turn over 1" and press. Stitch, and top stitch top edge.

    Slip Pencil case into reversible case cover:

    Lisa Victoria is a fairy/fantasy artist and children's book illustrator living in San Francisco, CA with her husband Joe, and house rabbit Toby.

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