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June 2009

June 2009 -- Spiders



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  • Spiders
    by Vonnie Winslow Crist

    As I kneel beside the coreopsis,
    my eyes snagged
    by webs woven of light,
    I think of the two Texan women
    who plucked out their sister’s eyes.
    They believed her possessed.

    How singing psalms of praise,
    they carried her to church
    and were astounded
    when the sheriff arrested them for assault.
    They said, “We did it
    because we loved her.”
    My sisters love me, too --
    have yet to pluck out my eyes,
    though I know there have been times
    when they were tempted.

    The blind girl has hair blacker than mine,
    wears tinted glasses to hide
    her new moon sockets.
    I want to tell her that according
    to The Farmer’s Almanac, she will be fertile --
    eyes planted in the dark of the moon
    grow well,
    but she knows nothing of gardening.

    The blind girl weaves her hair
    into dozens of braids,
    each decorated with a moonstone bead
    that glows like a gypsy’s ball.
    Now, she can predict her future,
    sees many things
    she was oblivious to before,
    and every midnight
    the blind girl dreams of spiders --
    known only by their velvet touch
    and by the cool tingle
    of webs pressed upon scarred cheeks.

    Earlier version published in: Essential Fables, poems & art by Vonnie Winslow Crist, Lite Circle Books.

    Vonnie Winslow Crist , BS Art-Ed, MS Professional Writing, Towson University, is a columnist for "Harford's Heart Magazine," an illustrator for "The Vegetarian Journal," editor of "The Gunpowder Review," and a contributor to "Faerie Magazine." Cold Moon Press recently published a collection of her fantasy stories, "The Greener Forest," available at Amazon and elsewhere.

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