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April 2006

April 2006: Seeds



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    The Process (As Promised)
  • Healthy Green Artists:
    The Artist, Globalisation, and the Cultural Creatives
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    The ABC of Watercolor Brushes
  • Myths and Symbols:
    The Sun, Part 3


  • What on Earth is an Art Card?
  • Online Marketing, Part Four: Resources
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  • Poem: Dragon's Tooth
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  • Movie: 9 Naga
  • Movie: Underworld: Evolution

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  • April 2006: Seeds
    by Ellen Million

    Ellen Million Graphics and EMG-Zine are closing their doors.

    It is with very deep regret that I announce I am closing EMG and all of its satellite programs to return to my original—and far more lucrative—career of mechanical engineering.

    To be honest, there's only so long one can do such a complex job like this alone, and it has been utterly exhausting keeping up with my workload. Looking closely at finances has revealed imminent bankruptcy if I continue in this vein, and I am an unwilling to risk the house I built if I can't pay my mortgage regularly. I thought it would be far more logical to close the business completely than continue to scramble along without being able to actually devote to the projects the time that they need. It wouldn't be fair to the artists who are depending on me, and it would be far, far too much work to manage on my own while resuming a full-time job—the projects are too large and unwieldy at this point. It breaks my heart, but I am looking forward to more free time to work on my own personal projects, such as breeding furred Alaskan pigs and doing more of my own artwork.

    EMG was a lovely dream, and it was a lot of fun while it lasted, but I am hopeful that all of the talented writers and artists who I have had the pleasure of working with will find lots of opportunities and continue to pursue their creative dreams without me.

    I will be selling off all the equipment and in-stock blank product at auction, with all of the proceeds going to charities for people who are gullible and toward shelters for folks who have tragically been born without a sense of humor.

    Enjoy this, our very last issue of EMG-Zine. Please read the EMG news for more information.

    Be well,
    Ellen Million (1 April, 2006 <-- note the date!)

    Our lovely opening graphic this month is thanks to Madeleine Gusdal and the glowing seed in the corners comes from Jennifer Broschinsky - see the full pictures in the gallery

    Ellen Million has always had a passion for projects. Visit her site for prints and embarrassing archives.

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