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July 2009

July 2009 -- Alice in Wonderland



  • Part Time Painter:
    Maintaining an Online Presence, without it becoming a full time job
  • Behind the Art:
    Partners, Part 1: Brainstorming
  • Wombat Droppings:
    What I Make Isn't What I Like
  • EMG News:
    News for July
  • Artist Spotlight:
    Penguins and Top Hats: Interview with Chris Malidore


  • How To Give Criticism


  • Fiction: A Bedtime Story


  • Tomb of the King: Flames of Rebellion, Part 3

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  • News for July
    EMG News
    by Ellen Million

    It is with some sadness that I am announcing a major downsizing of the original Ellen Million Graphics - the fantasy art giftshop.

    You may recall the announcement in September regarding the outsourcing of all order fulfillment to an outside printing company that was more centralized and better able to serve your needs. Alas, this agreement was not able to go forward successfully, and after a great deal of thought and consideration, I am going back to plan A, which is largely to shut down the operation.

    When Ellen Million Graphics first opened, almost 16 years ago, it was the only place many artists could get their work printed on merchandise at all. It provided an opportunity unlike any other, and exposure that no one else could offer.

    Those days are long past. Now, there are dozens of companies set up solely to put artwork of any kind on hundreds and hundreds of products. The fantasy art shop offers very little over these sites, and the profits to me have always been marginal, while continuing to take more and more of my personal time.

    You may or may not be aware that I work a fulltime job, on top of making all of the products offered at the giftshop, administrating hundreds of artists and trying to balance my own personal life and artistic pursuits. It's a lot for one person! And when I sat down to figure out what I could safely (and sanely!) cut out of my life, it was the fantasy art shop that really stood out as the thing to go.

    Ellen Million Graphics is not going anywhere, and neither am I. I am excited about this change, and looking forward to having more free time... and don't think I'm not already plotting some thrilling new projects!

    What's safe?

    I will be keeping all of my printing equipment for my celebrated high-quality giclee prints. I will continue to run Portrait Adoption. EMG-zine will continue, thanks to the tireless staff! Fantastic Portfolios will still give great critiques, and will get a little more of my attention and a few awesome new features.

    What this means in the next few months

    My first and foremost goal is to get rid of my stock right now. All items at the fantasy art shop are on immediate 'as supplies last' status. When products sell out, they are, very simply sold out.

    Mousepads are in very low supply, and popular sizes of t-shirts are going to go quickly. Totes, particularly the black-handled, will not last long. Magnets are running low, also.

    I will be attending the local Tanana Valley Fair in August of this year, and Dragon*Con in September. Once I return from Dragon*Con, I will be putting everything left on clearance, with increasingly low prices every month until Christmas. You'll be able to pick up some incredible deals towards the end of the year!

    In some ways, this is the end of an era.

    In more ways, this is the start of an amazing new period of innovation and expansion. Hold on! It's going to be an incredible ride...

    Ellen Million has always had a passion for projects. Visit her site for prints and embarrassing archives.

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