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August 2009

August 2009 -- Wizards



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  • Wizardly Assistance
    by Michelle M. Mead

    The wizard perched over the small table in the back
    and his pointed starry hat hung beside him on a rack
    his cloak of black and stardust spread out upon the floor
    and his favorite walking stick leaned up against the door

    He was writing down some brand new magic potions
    delving as he did into the most bizarre of notions
    but I had to approach him before the night was day
    for time was running out to catch the one I had to slay

    You see it was a spell I needed cast upon an elf
    to help save my dear wife and I must admit– myself
    for he had turned my sweet lady into a growling badger
    and little did this help me when at night I went to grab her

    She almost bit my hand clean off, you must believe it’s true
    and if you tried to speak to her I know she’d bite you, too
    so I tugged upon the wizard’s cloak and tried to look sincere
    he turned around to look at me and said, “Your help is near.”

    From a small brown box he pulled from deep within his bag
    he handed me a potion with a clear hand written tag
    It said one drop was all that would be needed to reverse
    a witch’s or a fairy’s or some mean elf’s badger curse

    I thanked him and he winked at me with a smile on his face
    and just before I hit the door to get out of this dark place
    he said, “Good luck with that old badger that likes to give you strife
    for I know I’ll see you soon or maybe next time -- your sweet wife.”

    Michelle M. Mead is a writer from the Hudson Valley in New York. She Co-Edits a local children’s magazine called WHIMSY for which she writes poetry, book reviews and author/illustrator interviews. She has been published in various ezines (most recently, THE CLOCKWISE CAT, Issue 8), as well as in the print publication SONGS OF INNOCENCE (AND EXPERIENCE) and her chapbook MOONGIRLS AND NIGHTDREAMS.

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