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April 2006

April 2006: Seeds



  • EMG News:
    April: Seeds
  • Wombat Droppings:
    The Process (As Promised)
  • Healthy Green Artists:
    The Artist, Globalisation, and the Cultural Creatives
  • Behind the Art:
    The ABC of Watercolor Brushes
  • Myths and Symbols:
    The Sun, Part 3


  • What on Earth is an Art Card?
  • Online Marketing, Part Four: Resources
  • Writer's Boot Camp, Part 2: Word Warriors


  • Poem: Dragon's Tooth
  • Boot Camp: Boot Camp Exercises


  • Movie: 9 Naga
  • Movie: Underworld: Evolution

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  • April: Seeds
    EMG News
    by Ellen Million

    Seed ACEO, by Ellen Million
    Happy April Fools! Did I fool you? Did I? I have been accused of having an odd sense of humor, so forgive me if you found the announcement in bad taste: Ellen Million Graphics is not closing. Indeed, I am planning a number of exciting new projects for the next year and further. It would probably take an act of congress to get me to abandon my business; certainly a little financial hardship and lots of hard work haven't stopped me yet!

    On to the real news:


    More new designs have gone up, and a few new artists have been introduced:

    I've also got an exciting new product introduced to the ACEO blanks line for artist – watercolor blocks! Just like the full sized blocks, these 2.5" x 3.5" blocks are glue-bound on all sides with just enough free space to slip in a pallet knife and pry the sheets apart. Available in hot or cold press Arches 140 watercolor paper, these have been tested and given thumbs up by a number of artists – they will take a lot of abuse and resist curling as you work. They also give you something to grab onto while you're painting. Wondering what the heck ACEOs are? Eliza Leahy tells us in this issue of EMG-Zine!

    Portrait Adoption

    It's really great watching the new site come together. Still no definite ETA on when it will go public, but watch this space!


    Our fourth issue, and a quarter of the year is past us. I'm really, terribly proud of our staff and regular contributors. And don't worry, this is not our last issue. The PA Spotlight is on hold until the coding is finished for our administrative backend, as is the Critique Corner. I'm still piecing together these page individually every month, and though I may have been teasing about closing EMG, I'm not fooling when I say I've got plenty on my plate right now!

    Print Services

    Danger Will Robinson! Danger! Print prices are a-going up! The wonderful, lovely paper that I used to carry has been discontinued by Hahnemuhle, and my stash has finally begun to run dry. I've moved up to Hahnemuhle's next grade of paper, and oh my. I'm a convert, and suspect you will be, too! The new paper is their Photo Rag 188 gm, a tree-free paper which is heavier and richer than the previous kind. Of course, with the upgrade in quality comes a higher price. Small prints will be going up by $0.50, large prints by $1.50. Order now to lock in the lower pricing.

    Ellen Million has always had a passion for projects. Visit her site for prints and embarrassing archives.

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