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October 2009

October 2009 -- Faery Court



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  • Poem: Top Story! The Myth of Royalty and Beauty revealed as Fairy Queen Snubs Innocent Elf -- Details below!
  • Poem: On the Run


  • Tomb of the King: Scepter, Part 3

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  • On the Run
    by Marina Bonomi

    I dreamt I was a falcon,
    or am I dreaming now?
    Wisteria bells are chiming
    in the wind from the South.

    The hunters are a-gathering
    with their red-eared hounds

    I dreamt I was a hind
    with golden-dappled fur
    a silver collar gleaming
    on my neck, in the run.

    The hunters are a-gathering
    with their red-eared hounds

    I dreamt I was a hare
    with ruby-gleaming eyes
    a pale flash of moonlight
    hiding in thorny edges.

    The hunters are a-gathering
    with their red-eared hounds

    Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme...
    how did that ancient rhyme go?
    Will holly, birch, rowan and ash
    be any avail 'gainst the good folk?

    The hunters are a-gathering
    with their red-eared hounds

    Inspired by folklore about Changelings, the theme is escape from the dream-like lands held by the Faery Court

    Marina Bonomi
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