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January 2010

January 2010 -- Time



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  • News for 2010
    EMG News
    by Ellen Million

    Happy New Year!

    May 2010 bring you joy and prosperity and creative enlightenment in healthy doses!

    A big thanks to everyone who has made 2009 so enjoyable and brightened our year with their amazing artwork and creative talents. May 2010 exceed our wildest expectations!

    Portrait Adoption

    Welcome to new artists Rachel H White and Emily Sorenson!

    Here are a few examples of new portraits available now:

    Here's a few of last month's portraits that were adopted:

    Under the hood, Portrait Adoption got a bit of an upgrade recently, changing the way that certificates are handled by the software drastically. You'll find many portraits that weren't available as standard adoption previous, are now!

    Fantasy Art Shop

    There was a lot of confusion when I first started downsizing because I honestly sure where I planned to stop. I was seriously burnt out and at wits end when I finally stomped my foot down, and I wasn't going to promise to keep anything at that point. Some clarity is due!

    I will still be doing prints through the giftshop, as well as coloring books and the EMG-Zine anthologies and a few more special projects (mostly mult-artist).

    The fate of the calendars are still up in the air. They expire, so it's hard to sell them once the year in question is really underway. If you want to see that I continue to design and carry these, please be sure to order one and spread the word about how much you like yours so I can sell more of them!

    Fantastic Portfolios

    Fantastic Portfolios will be getting an upgrade in 2010 - we'll be integrating more resources, both from EMG-Zine and from other sources, to make it a more complete educational experience for users. Have you gotten your portfolio critiqued? Feedback from the site indicates that it's been enormously helpful for the users so far!

    Torn World

    Torn World goes live this month, with new work, new artists, new stories and a fabulous new background database. You are invited to join as a financial supporter or a creative contributor! All supporters who join before July 1 will be entered in a raffle that includes original Torn World artwork and many other perks. An innovative new model of creative collaboration - you'll never look at unicorns the same way again...

    Coming in 2010

    As mentioned earlier, a major upgrade to Fantastic Portfolios is in the works.

    Portrait Adoption will be getting another adoption option: avatar-only.

    The third EMG-Zine anthology will be available in April (or earlier). The fourth should be available later in the year.

    A Steampunk coloring book is due out in March.

    A book of paper dolls from Meredith Dillman is due out in February.

    Commission-Control will begin development. Beta testing will begin in April (no fooling!).

    What... isn't this what downsizing is supposed to look like?

    Happy new year, everyone!

    Ellen Million has always had a passion for projects. Visit her site for prints and embarrassing archives.

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