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May 2010

May 2010 -- Dragons



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  • Dragons
    by Vonnie Winslow Crist

    It's a bring-the-dog-in night.
    Even the moon has hidden her face,
    for dragon's breath billows over the city.

    Most of us play it safe:
    lock our doors,
    pull the blinds tight so
    our plastic eyelids wink out the view,
    and wrap blankets around our limbs
    like winding sheets.

    We pretend we're asleep,
    but our ears prickle at the dragon's call:
    howling like an abused hound,
    screeching like arctic winds.

    A thick breath envelopes the townhouses.
    Only the curious venture out
    in smoke so dense,
    objects a meter from their eyes

    The enormous reptile strides
    with silent claw-treads
    and sails through the earth-
    shadowed skies on noiseless wings.

    You can never be certain
    where the dragon is.
    Sometimes, you feel air rush
    from her wingstrokes
    or the earth tremor from her swishing tail
    or ocean water drip from her belly.

    If you are out on a bring-the-dog-in night
    when even the moon has hidden her face
    and dragonís breath billows over the city --

    take a few steps into the blinding smoke
    and reach out --
    you might stroke slick scales;
    stare -- you might see flashing topaz eyes.

    But don't step, don't reach,
    unless you want to believe
    in dragons.

    An earlier version of "Dragons" was published in River of Stars, poems & art by Vonnie Winslow Crist, Lite Circle Books.

    Vonnie Winslow Crist , BS Art-Ed, MS Professional Writing, Towson University, is a columnist for "Harford's Heart Magazine," an illustrator for "The Vegetarian Journal," editor of "The Gunpowder Review," and a contributor to "Faerie Magazine." Cold Moon Press recently published a collection of her fantasy stories, "The Greener Forest," available at Amazon and elsewhere.

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