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June 2010

June 2010 -- Earth



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  • Poem: Turbulent Earth

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  • Turbulent Earth
    by Misty Posey

    The misery of the sea's existence
    Warped each ripple and wave.
    Seasick, the waters brood beneath,
    From the unnaturally murky depths.
    The infestation of muck and grime churns.
    Woeful tears flow in the waters' path
    Creating monstrous waves.

    The sea reaches the air's deadly kiss.
    No help can be lent,
    Its awesome lungs are full.
    The wind whirls and swirls and twists
    But it cannot free itself from the nauseous stench it breathes.
    It dips up and down through the atmosphere,
    But nowhere is clear.

    Now the sea and the atmosphere
    Take their case to the court of earth.
    But their powerful winds and waves beat against its surface,
    Crushing the walking inhabitants.
    A boiling fury rages within its fragile core.
    The three struggle to co-habitat,
    All wanting to be free.
    They splay an anger they cannot contain.
    The earth gives up,
    It has had enough.
    An amicable resolution unreached,
    The earth gives into the quaking in its soul.
    It angrily crumbles in uncontained destruction
    Mountains, land, life lost.
    Let the winds and waters put their feelings on display.
    Let them rule the spoiled world.

    Misty Posey is an artist on the Florida coast, originally from Texas . She has appeared in publications such as Young Adult Literary Review, Emg-Zine, Bards and Sages, Copper Wire, and Einstein’s Pocket Watch. Her latest poem, “The Kiss Forever,” is in the December 2010 issue of Moon Drenched Fables.

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