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  • White Roses
    by R J Kalpana

    White roses, frozen cold
    Do they but rest awhile
    Under the melting snow
    Or are they crushed under the heavy boot
    That lifts in pallid ignorance
    O wind! Blow, blow the roses away
    The smell of death still lingers
    The sights of virgin decay strewn
    Along the way. Blow aside the curtain
    That keeps life from me
    Blow, blow my mind away.

    No bruises on ornamental petals
    No thoughts, just old white memories
    Of shooting stars and the first glimmering drop.
    Wind! Whistling past opened caves
    Swoop down in the blue steel of night
    Brush blots of read on white roses with
    Spirals of snow. Drag refusals of dreams
    Across the stillness of death.
    And no more glide to kiss the airy feet of tyrant Aeolus
    But curl a place, at the last tremor of white roses
    And blow yourself away.

    R J Kalpana holds a doctorate in English. Her publications include a 3-volume set on Feminist Issues in Literature and Temple Dreams, a book of poetry. Her free verse and haiku poems are published in India and abroad. A management consultant by profession, she has authored a Monograph of a Theosophist and is Editor of the Encyclopedia of Hinduism. She also conducts Creative Writing Workshops for the British Council in India.

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