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September 2010

September: Ravens



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  • When Raven Alights
    by Penn Kemp

    Her blue-black wings gloss
    over the wintry waves as
    water transmogrifies to ice,
    slow thickening to crystal.

    Her blue-black wings are night
    sky gleaming, scheming to fulfill
    the appetite of apparent destiny.

    She descends, soaring in gyre
    like a vulture without finesse
    till we spy her furtive eye,
    intent upon her prey, our home.

    A depth of mystery embodied
    as mischievous messenger, she
    wheels between solemn worlds
    before form takes firmer hold.

    Her croak is fur stroked rough
    the wrong way. Inconsiderate
    of lilies spread before her, she

    splays wide wings for field landing,
    screeching with the sudden force of
    impact to settle into this dimension.

    Cocky now, she stalks coarse earth
    for remnants of farmers' harvest,
    rusted corn cob prised in her beak.

    And she shall be fed. She shall be
    full: 'Deus alit eis' (God feeds them):
    She takes care such promise is kept.

    Penn Kemp , a Canadian poet, performer and playwright, has published twenty-five books of poetry and drama, had six plays and ten CDs produced as well as several videopoems. Penn has been the Canada Council Writer-in-Residence at University of Western Ontario for 2009-10. Her own project for the year is a recently released DVD devoted to Ecco Poetry, Luminous Entrance: a Sound Opera for Climate Change Action. She hosts an eclectic literary show, Gathering Voices, on Radio Western, The League of Canadian Poets acclaimed her as one of ten foremothers of Canadian poetry.

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