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September 2010

September: Ravens



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  • Ravens


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  • Birdtale
    by Michelle M. Mead

    They were picking a soul
    one so papery white
    her flesh was so cold
    as she swallowed the night

    It inked through her hair
    and imprinted her view
    with dreams of sad ravens
    with dreams of theirs too

    They thought she stole heaven
    with her hearts on a string
    and they knew they must have it
    this very rare thing

    So they pecked at her throat
    until the beads were set free
    and laughed as they cawed
    at what joy there would be

    When they owned these fine gems
    these beating red hearts
    these clocks of the body
    these fragile lifestarts

    Yet they forgot the balance
    the sensitivity of love
    that shifted these jewels
    as they fell from above

    Tiny hearts they all scattered
    tiny hearts they all flew
    and the ravens then bid her
    a sorrowful adieu.

    Michelle M. Mead is a writer from the Hudson Valley in New York. She Co-Edits a local children’s magazine called WHIMSY for which she writes poetry, book reviews and author/illustrator interviews. She has been published in various ezines (most recently, THE CLOCKWISE CAT, Issue 8), as well as in the print publication SONGS OF INNOCENCE (AND EXPERIENCE) and her chapbook MOONGIRLS AND NIGHTDREAMS.

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