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February 2011

February 2011 -- Rabbits



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  • Wombat Droppings:
    Sick-day Reading, or Sifting Out the Pearls
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    Interview with Henning Ludvigsen


  • Rabbits and Hares


  • Fiction: Filling the Hat

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  • News for February
    EMG News
    by Ellen Million

    Coloring Books

    Coloring books are for sale again! 10 titles are available here.


    EMG-Zine is in danger of ending in 2011!

    For full details, see our subscription page, and consider purchasing a subscription or a copy of one of the gorgeous anthologies to help keep this valuable resource going. Subscriptions come with advertising, so for less than $3 a month, you can keep our 'zine going, and increase the exposure of your blog, art shop or recent publication.

    Portrait Adoption

    New portraits (a selection):

    A few older highlights:

    Recently adopted!

    Remember that if you can't find the exact portrait for your character, you are able to submit your own description. Our artists will render them and if any of them work, they are available for you to adopt exclusively. There is no charge or risk!


    We made it! Funding for the Commission-Control site was collected, and programming is underway. Look for beta testing to open this month!

    Sketch Fest

    January featured two Sketch Fests, and a great time was had by all! You can check out the sketches we did for the ninth and tenth Sketch Fests at the site. Our February Sketch Fest is still under discussion, and pieces are being nominated for prizes here.

    Torn World

    Recent artwork:

    Recent stories include more tales about the Itadesh fire and its aftermath, a charming look at Rai and Bai as young boys, a young man breaking a very important bead, a chilling look at the northerners' population decline, and a child's yearning for an everything license. The best place to jump into Torn World is this page!

    Fantastic Portfolios

    If you're looking to improve the quality of your work and you're not really sure where to go next, Fantastic Portfolio can help! We give thorough portfolio critique, with concrete suggestions and detailed advice. Submit yours today!

    EMG Forums

    If you'd like more informal peer review of a work in progress, bring your artwork by the EMG forum! Our 'artist group' membership is now available to everyone, without a contract, so you can post your work in a semi-private setting and get some hints about where to take it next. You are also welcome to ask questions about any aspect of EMG, art, business or life in general! The EMG forums.

    Ellen Million has always had a passion for projects. Visit her site for prints and embarrassing archives.

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