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March 2011

March 2011 -- Gryphons



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    Interview with Pascal Campion
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    News for March
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    Griffin in Watercolor


  • The Gryphon
  • Basic Animal Anatomy

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  • News for March
    EMG News
    by Ellen Million

    *whew!* Does February seem too short to anyone else??

    Sketch Fest

    Congratulations to Catherine Swinford, for Checking for Coconut, which won our 'funniest' award.

    Contratulations to Sarah Butcher, for Love Notes, which won our 'most emotional award.

    And, a two-way tie for 'most creative interpretation!' Congratulations to Lorna Cowie for Urban Bling and Kate McCredie for Apprentice Goddess.

    Also, congratulations to Kerrie Rusk, who left the most comments this Sketch Fest (almost twice as many as the next contender!)

    All five of these folks will be receiving a small variety package of ACEO art papers to play with! Thanks for helping make Sketch Fest so much fun. :)

    Our next Sketch Fest is scheduled for March 25-26. The 26th is our first birthday! Nominations are open until Wednesday for Skech Fest #11 prizes. Recommend sketches for categories, and suggest categories for next month! Watch that space for votes to be opened, and check back here for winners.

    Portrait Adoption

    A selection of new work:

    A sampling of older available work:

    Just adopted!

    Torn World

    Torn World is updated every weekday with new stories, poetry, artwork or articles! You can register to watch your favorite authors and artists. The site has also gotten quite a brush-up this month, with new browsing (easier to read!) and more prominent links to the starting pages. We're starting to put our first anthology together, keep an eye out for 'Family Ties and Torn Skies,' to be released in July!

    New canon artwork in February:

    Stories this month show Rai helping a young customer find the perfect gift, a young assassin-in-training finding a friend, a sea-monster attack interrupting a feast, an eclipse that touches off a riot in the south and introspection in the north, and some pointed questions following it, as well as the return of Rraneffa and Esarrali at The Waterfalls. Poetry includes Unafari observing historical trends, and a myth about the sun and moon. Articles include several places, several cultures, the Carnal Guild, and a plant!

    Commission Control

    Programming is steaming forward! Artists can now register to test the gallery controls. If you have a lilypad login, you can jump in now!


    Our fundraising is going forward well, but we are still in danger of being canceled in December!

    $541 / $900 total funding by June 2011. 60% done! If we haven't made this goal, the December 2011 issue will be our last! Consider a subscription or a copy of one of our print anthologies to keep us going!

    Fantastic Portfolios

    If you're looking to improve the quality of your work and you're not really sure where to go next, Fantastic Portfolio can help! We give thorough portfolio critique, with concrete suggestions and detailed advice. Submit yours today!

    EMG Forums

    If you'd like more informal peer review of a work in progress, bring your artwork by the EMG forum! Our 'artist group' membership is now available to everyone, without a contract, so you can post your work in a semi-private setting and get some hints about where to take it next. You are also welcome to ask questions about any aspect of EMG, art, business or life in general! The EMG forums.

    Ellen Million has always had a passion for projects. Visit her site for prints and embarrassing archives.

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