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April 2011

April 2011 -- Wind



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  • Huffing and Puffing
    by Brigette Yanes

    I chased tumbleweed through The Wasteland,
    and carved chasms through grand stone
    until looming walls climbed.
    I sheared Delta over Dallas-Fort Worth,
    and cameras screamed while Challenger burned.
    I closed Columbine's Comp class with a scream,
    and a bang when I nudged one to miss,
    the second to hit with a red florette on pink cotton.
    I whistled a tune as Katrina danced in New Orleans,
    until levees flooded the graves.
    I pushed the plane that dropped over Hiroshima,
    and spread the cloud of spores.
    I clothed Manhattan in a suit of ash,
    and blew the bill of sale past the Pentagon.
    I frothed the waters of the ocean,
    fed oxygen to the flame,
    and kicked dirt in the victim's eye.

    Brigette Yanes is a senior non-traditional student double majoring in English Lit and Creative Writing at Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa. She has been published in The Lettered Olive, Up the Staircase, Midscapes the Dubuque Area Writer’s Guild anthology, and will soon be featured in Halfway Down the Stairs.

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