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April 2011

April 2011 -- Wind



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  • Depicting Wind
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  • Poem: Huffing and Puffing
  • Poem: Aria's Breath

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  • Aria's Breath
    by Robert William Shmigelsky

    from the highest point
    in the sky, from a face
    with blue wisps for eyes
    long strands of braided hair
    and pursed pink lips
    puffed-up cheeks blow and rise
    with breaths of fresh air

    pressed ahead, Aira's breath
    spirals this way and that
    through tufts of white cloud
    which drift away and swirl
    into faces, shapes of every kind

    past the heads of mountains
    sharpening hard granite rock
    into sculpted stone, pebble and dust

    down widening valleys, into narrowing chasms
    carrying weightless voices, oscillated motions
    through the air like mirrored reflections

    atop open plains, above gushing rivers
    then down into closed spaces
    brushing past surfaces and faces,
    bringing forth the most elusive
    of aromas before departing
    to a stretch of beach
    towards far-off waters:
    lakes, seas and oceans...
    raising sails... reaching far off places...
    at which point, her breath returns
    is inhaled and blown out once more--
    to renew its journey.

    Robert William Shmigelsky , a residential care aide, is unapologetic in his pursuit of excellent high fantasy. Robert has been writing fantasy for himself in his spare time for the last seven years, but has only recently begun writing for others. Besides reading and writing, some of his hobbies include computers and medieval and ancient history. He has a dry sense of humor, which he blames his stepfather for. Also, he has a habit of making history jokes no one but he understands. Robert is currently sifting through the first of three novels and has a poetry collection entitled "Fragments Through Time" coming out through Diminuendo Press.

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