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May 2011

May 2011 -- Dryads



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  • Shelter Under a Tree
    by Misty Posey

    The sky was the strangest shade of yellow,
    A golden color tinted by grey and brown.
    Her wings drooped,
    Limp beside her frail form
    Crouched close to the weedy ground.
    Her shoulder burdened the weight of her body against a stout tree,
    Its bark rough against her sheer wing.
    The green, leafy branches were long,
    Camouflaging the bent figure from her pursuers.
    Her eyes fixated on the rich sky,
    A golden reflection colored her ivory skin,
    Waning hope weighed heavily around her eyes.
    She beckoned the sky for her savior,
    Yet none had arrived.
    Her soiled face, child-like and smooth
    Dropped with her wings, exhausted
    "Hold on," she told herself.
    An olive-green glow emanated from her body and wings
    Her fingers just reaching the roots along the tree's base
    Desperately drawing from its sacred strength,
    "Hold on..."

    Misty Posey is an artist on the Florida coast, originally from Texas . She has appeared in publications such as Young Adult Literary Review, Emg-Zine, Bards and Sages, Copper Wire, and Einstein’s Pocket Watch. Her latest poem, “The Kiss Forever,” is in the December 2010 issue of Moon Drenched Fables.
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