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May 2011

May 2011 -- Dryads



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  • Moonlight in the Wild Wood
    by R. S. Pyne

    The lady of the great oak is dancing
    New green leaves her diadem,
    Moonlight shimmers,
    Bejewel a spider silk gown,
    Her step gossamer as she whirls.

    She has watched time pass by.
    The years are nothing to her kind;
    Her life is bound to the tree.
    Six centuries from uncertain sapling to giant
    An ending only when the ancient one dies.

    Rarely now but when the fancy takes her,
    She will seek a human lover.
    Dance with him in Nemantona's grove.
    Their bodies entwined,
    Spreading branches a starlit bower.

    One night of passion is mayfly brief
    Dawn comes and the lover wakes alone.
    Finding his mystery lady gone -
    He thinks it just a dream.
    The dryad does not think of him at all.

    R. S. Pyne is a science journalist from west Wales and is also the Ancient Tree Verifier for Ceredigion (for the Woodland Trust). Publication credits include Albedo One, Aurora Wolf, Neo-opsis, Hungur, Bards and Sages Quarterly, Christmas is Dead Again, Tainted - Anthology of Terror and the Supernatural, Star Stepping Anthology, Crimson Highway, SNM Horror Magazine, Fifth Di, Macabre Cadaver, Orphan Leaf Review, Lacuna Journal of Historical Fiction, Apollo's Lyre, Silver Blade, Spook City and others.

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