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July 2011

July 2011 -- Butterflies



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  • The Secret of Green Butterflies
    by Stanley M. Noah

    They glow like pastel silk paper in three dimensional
    Flights in the dark living room as if they always belong
    On your colorless gray walls. At least for now. And
    Then came one in limbo-like to rest on top of the

    Television, that soon turned itself on. The screen
    Comes to life. A 98 year old man appears in a 1957
    T.V. program to tell his electric story, he told hundreds Of times. He said, at the age of six, he was at Ford's

    Theater the night Lincoln was shot by a man who Jumped from Lincoln's balcony suite onto the stage,
    And quoted something a famous Roman said about Two thousand years ago. And then vanished like a

    Vapor full of vanity. The only impression I could
    Recall and wondered was did the man hurt himself
    With such a falling leap so high? That's alii could
    Understand about the event. I didn't think it was

    Part of the show because so many people were Screaming and gasping, loud insecure screams. Now,
    Except for maybe one important detail I have never Told until today, is that.. ...... Just then the butterfly flew

    Off-the T.V. turned itself off, the screen went dead, The living room walls came silent in their landscapes of Geometric movements, and all the dead bolt locks in the House were quickly self activated.

    A string of translucent And cascading butterflies could be seen from the window Like roman candles traveling with their own lavish stories On natural maps we can't read.

    Stanley M. Noah

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