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August 2011

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  • Artist Spotlight:
    Interview with Jenny Dolfen
  • Behind the Art:
    Owl in Mixed Media
  • EMG News:
    News for August


  • The Wonderful World of Owls
  • Appreciating Speculative Art Part 1: Types and Tools


  • Poem: Moon and Owl
  • Poem: Harbinger
  • Poem: Owl Baby Rising

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  • News for August
    EMG News
    by Ellen Million

    EMG-Zine Fundraising for July-December 2012 kicks off!

    We are funded through the June issue of 2012, and we're kicking off fundraising for the remainder of that year!

    Where are we now?

    $155 / $900 total funding by December 2011. 17% done! If we haven't made this goal, the June 2012 issue will be our last!

    What counts towards this goal? All subscriptions and donations, and all sales of print anthologies count 100% towards this count. Artists who have earned credits may donate them towards this cause, too. If we go over our goal, new features get programmed into the site, and if we fall short, we'll go out with a bang and all outstanding subscriptions will be refunded. Help keep this wonderful resource available for a long time to come!

    Coloring Books, back in stock, on sale!

    A big shipment of coloring books is just in, and my filing cabinets are groaning in protest. We've got two new titles and a reprint coming before the holidays, so help me clear them out, before the next coloring books get in!

    You can choose any five titles for $35, or any 10 for $60!

    Check out all the sales at the Coloring Book Page

    Are you an artist? The deadline for our next coloring book is August 10, and the theme is Arabian Nights! Please contact me for submission information!

    Sketch Fest August

    Our August Sketch Fest will be August 19-20. Join us for a 24 hour creative jam!

    Portrait Adoption

    A selection of new portraits available:

    Ellen Million has always had a passion for projects. Visit her site for prints and embarrassing archives.

    Fantasy coloring books from Ellen Million Graphics Get a pre-made portrait, ready to go! A 48 hour creative jam for artists An e-zine for fantasy artists and writers A shared world adventure

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