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September 2011

September 2011 -- Mushrooms



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  • Mushroom Magic
    by Angelica Dawn and Deirdre M. Murphy

    I went out hunting mushrooms on a cool misty morn
    Spied an angel wing growing on an oak tree like a horn
    I reached out with my crescent blade to harvest a snack
    When I stopped in surprise and quickly stepped back

    Stretched across the top wing, her skin gleaming fair
    Was a small faery creature with long, pale green hair
    Wings glistening like a spider web even in the dim light
    Appearing and vanishing in the same moment's sight

    The faery's soft beauty gently caught me spellbound
    I hardly dared breathe lest I should make a sound
    With a shower of dewdrops she gracefully woke
    She started to dance, her wings a crystalline cloak

    She leapt from her bed on the side of the tree
    Like a butterfly flitting, she spiraled around me
    Then she landed and circled, dancing nude on the sod
    A small mushroom grew wherever each bare foot had trod

    She rose in the air, the first circle complete
    Hovered over a fallen tree, waved me to have a seat
    Thrice three times she landed, dancing joyously 'round
    She left nine circles of mushrooms, a bounty on the ground

    When she'd finished, she yawned, like she'd worked a long while
    Slowly flew up to an ancient tree, caressed it with a smile
    It sprouted soft pale angel wings, a smooth creamy shelf
    Then she laid down, shimmering, and winking, hid herself

    Each year mushrooms grow from the magic rings she made
    And I gather with thanks, so her blessing shall never fade
    Forever in my memory of that dawn so long ago
    I can still see the faery that makes the mushrooms grow

    Angelica Dawn is a poet and activist. At one time she hosted a late-night radio show featuring new age, space, ambient, and pagan music. She has a chapbook of her poetry called Angel Thoughts, which includes a few pieces co-authored by Deirdre.

    Deirdre M. Murphy (@Wyld_Dandelyon) is a writer of speculative fiction, artist, musician, and cat-lover. She has stories and poetry in venues including MZB's Fantasy Magazine, Crossed Genres, Re-Vamp and With Painted Words, and Family Ties & Torn Skies as well as upcoming in Magicking in Traffic and Subversion. You can find her stories and poetry at, a world with steam technology, unique temporal anomalies, deadly sea monsters, and mischievous snow-unicorns. Her blog is at

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