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October 2011

October 2011 -- Scandinavian Mythology



  • Ask an Artist:
    Light, Drapes, and Pen Names
  • EMG News:
    Happy Birthday and other News
  • Behind the Art:
    Map of Worlds


  • Scandinavian Mythology
  • Appreciating Speculative Art Part 2: Parts and Layout of a Picture


  • Fiction: At the Gates of Valhalla
  • Fiction: Mother Never Spoke About the Sea
  • Fiction: To Love Loki

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  • Happy Birthday and other News
    EMG News
    by Ellen Million

    Ellen Million Graphics turns 18 years old this month! *throws confetti!* It's been quite a ride.


    Funding for the July-December 2012 period continues! If you are enjoying this publication and the hard work of the authors and administration who make it possible, be sure to consider donating, subscribing or buying a copy of our hardcopy anthology to help it continue! (The anthologies make awesome holiday gifts for your favorite artist or writer! Put it on your wishlist and let people know!)

    $315.00 / $900 total funding by December 2011. 35% done! If we haven't made this goal, the June 2012 issue will be our last!

    Portrait Adoption

    Portrait Adoption artists! We're almost getting more regular adoptions than we are portraits! Please submit your work!

    Some new available portraits:

    Last months adoptions:

    Torn World

    At Torn World, gossip about Layla and Dini's engagement flies in Marli Knows, and Grandma Monster (for subscribers), and things get more tangled between Baison and Ressa in On Rails and Railplay (pt 1 and 2). Take a look back at the childhood of Bai and Rai in Fireworks (a drabble) and Spectacles (for subscribers). There is also new poetry from Elizabeth Barrette and Deirdre M. Murphy, and new artwork from Marika Purisima, Tod Wils, Deirdre Murphy, and Ellen Million:

    Fantastic Portfolios

    Changes are starting to show up around the site as improvements are being made. The biggest early changes are in the backend, to help speed things up for the critics (which will help speed things up for your portfolio reviews!). Janet Chui is taking lead on this project and has a lot of exciting ideas for making it better and more active. Weigh in at the forums with your ideas and suggestions!

    Sketch Fest

    The October Sketch Fest is scheduled for October 21-22 - join us for 24 hours of amazing creative fun!

    Coloring Books

    Two new (and one reprint!) coloring books are due in as proofs next week! Watch this space for an announcement for pre-orders, which should be in stock early in November! Fantastic Magic is sold out until that time as well.

    Until November, have a safe and wonderful month!

    Ellen Million has always had a passion for projects. Visit her site for prints and embarrassing archives.

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