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April 2012

April 2012 -- Plants



  • Ask an Artist:
    Webcomic inspiration, palette, and sketchbooks
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    Interview with Greg Lightner
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  • Spruce Up Your Art With Plants


  • Fiction: Xenonegotiation
  • Poem: I am Treant

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  • Webcomic inspiration, palette, and sketchbooks
    Ask an Artist
    by Ursula Vernon

    More questions answered by Ursula Vernon!

    QUESTION: Where did you get the inspiration for your comic, Digger?
    Well, I was fooling around with comics for awhile there, and I was determined to design a character that I could duplicate repeatedly and have it look the same -- which is, after all, one of the big problems of comics! So I started doodling, and I couldn't figure out what to draw, and at that moment, on TV, a wombat took a chunk out of Steve Irwin's leg. I said "Sold!" and started drawing Digger, was one of those stories that grab you and throw you down and you have no choice but to follow it.

    QUESTION: Do you plan to do another webcomic?
    Not as long as the memory of the first one is with me! Never say never, but seven years is a brutally long time to spend on one project, and I cannot imagine I'll get that kind of mental energy together again in a hurry.

    QUESTION: Artists often work with a limited palette, either out of necessity or by choice. What are your favorite colors to use in your paintings? Is there a reason you chose those colors?

    I'm a big fan of Payne's Gray, various French grays, raw umber, sepia, pyrrhole red, titan buff and mars black. And of course, in the kid's books I do, I get two shades of green to work with, so I'm very wedded to those, although I wouldn't say they're my favorite colors. At one point, when we were painting various rooms in the house, we picked out a green and as soon as I got it on the wall, I realized that it was Dragonbreath Green, and I balked. I spend a lot of time with those colors already--I didn't need them in the bathroom, too!

    QUESTION: What's your favorite kind of sketchbook?
    I'm a big fan of the Utrech 9 x 12 brown paper sketchbooks. I really like brown paper. The cachet sketchbooks with the little ribbon is also awesome -- I wish they made a brown paper version!

    Ursula Vernon

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