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June 2012

June 2012 -- Towers



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  • Fiction: The Wizard's Stairs
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  • Interview with Aaron Pocock
    Artist Spotlight
    by Constanza Ehrenhaus

    Hi Aaron, can you please tell our readers about your artistic formation?

    Like the story goes... I've been drawing from a very young age. I was a very shy little boy who mumbled and stumbled over my words. I found it a lot easier to communicate visually and so developed a great love of drawing and it kind of went from there. I used to copy my favorite pictures from comics and annuals and from picture books I loved. I'm totally self-taught. Every now and again I wish my ability would have come a lot quicker (which I'm sure it does when you have instruction) but as a Taurean, I think teaching myself has made the lessons sink in a lot deeper. I'm a self-taught musician also. If I love to do something I intend to take it as far as I possibly can. To do what I love for a living is fabulous.

    Who have been your inspirations?

    Goodness, too many... Nature always inspires me. The writings of my favorite author Charles De Lint always inspire me; he's so visual. I'm not sure if he plucks images from out of my head or places them there, but his work is tangible, living magic -- I was very fortunate to have him allow me the use of some very kind comments he made about my art for my latest book 'Touched By Magic'. (Very blessed fellow I am...)

    I'd love to list all the artists that inspire me but it'd take too long. From the top of my head I'd list David Wyatt (an old pal from my 20's), Charles Vess, Michael Hague, Michael Wm. Kaluta, Arthur Rackham, Frank Frazetta, Alan Lee, John Howe... There are so many more.

    What are your tools of choice?

    Pencils, pens, dip pens, brushes, watercolors, acrylics, oils and Photoshop, and sometimes all of the above.

    What is the importance of daily sketching? How do you keep up with this practice?

    To me, it's all important. I draw for a living and I've found that if I slack off for even a day or two, my work becomes stiff and lifeless. I've been on month long holidays and it's like a nightmare if I haven't drawn to then try and get back into the swing of things. Nowadays, even when I'm on holiday I'll sketch at least one thing, or get at least one idea down. On a normal day, though, I'll sketch 3-4 things or see an idea take shape just to keep my eye and my hand loose. There's no shortcut, I'm afraid.

    What are your best assets? And weaknesses?

    My best? I believe I've somehow harnessed the ability to make people nostalgic, and to wonder.

    My worst? Impatience. I'm terribly impatient (for a taurean).

    How would you like to see your art grow?

    Well, in a number of ways... I think I'd like to see it become more well-known. I'd like to actually 'master' a medium. Like most artists, I just want to get better and better. I think that's a thread we (artists) all share, not to strive for perfection as such, but to develop as best we can.

    What attracts you to take part in Ellen's SketchFest every month?

    I would love to take part every month, but I get so busy with commissions and things that it's hard to find the time so I do it when I can. The camaraderie from all participants is incredible. Ellen has done a wonderful job promoting and maintaining the sketch fest. I've made some lovely friends from my time there. I believe it promotes growth as an artist and more importantly, it's great for people to bounce ideas and receive praise from their peers.

    Where can our readers find your art?

    My blog:

    My website:

    My YouTube channel:

    Constanza Ehrenhaus

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