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June 2006

June 2006: Halves



  • EMG News:
    June 2006: Halves
  • Wombat Droppings:
    After the Sketch
  • Healthy Green Artists:
    Beyond Paper
  • Behind the Art:
    Color Theory, Part 2
  • Myths and Symbols:
    Heraldry, Part 2; Color and Fur


  • When You Don't Quit Your Day Job
  • Dipping into Digital, Part 2: The Process
  • Cleaning Scans and Preparing Print Files


  • Poem: Half


  • Movie: Gubra
  • Movie: Lucky Number Slevin

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  • June 2006: Halves
    EMG News
    by Ellen Million

    Half My Cheese, by Annie Rodrigue

    Please note that my host has been having difficulties with the email server, and I have been sporadically unable to access it. If you have sent me a note and I haven't responded, please give it another shot - I am a little behind on answering emails because of this, and concerned that I may have lost some messages.

    Three day sale! June 24th is Fairy Day! In celebration, I am offering $5 off of any order, to any branch of EMG, for orders placed the 23-25th only (I was really planning to do just a one-day sale, but I will be at a show on the 24th and away from the Internet, so you get extra days! Visit the main page of EMG between the 23-25th to get the e-coupon. If you are ordering by check or money order, you may still use the coupon! You just have to do the shopping on those days, and send your payment in within 2 weeks. Please use the regular shopping cart to compose your order - it will send me a dated copy of the order and give you a printable page to mail with your payment. Want a reminder? Be sure you're signed up for the mailing list! I'll send out a reminder the day before.

    I will be gone between the 17-21 taking a painting class in the Brooks Range. I will have no Internet access, power, flush toilets or even phone access. I don't even think cellphones work up there (not that I have one).

    I will also have a booth at the Scottish Highland Games June 24th in Eagle River, Alaska.


    All of the designs from the last submission period have been put online! At the moment, we've got 711 designs available, though that may change as artists put their work online.

    The Fishbowl Fantasies proof was quite delayed, but looks fantastic. I will be placing the full order as soon as my email behaves, and should have the shipment in a few weeks (or more... hopefully the delay was a one-time thing, not a company standard!).

    Now accepting submissions! EMG is looking to put together a calendar for 2007 with the theme of 'Why Fantasy is Better than Real Life. (Yes, I tried to do this last year, but didn't receive enough submissions.) You do not have to be a current EMG artist, though you will need to sign a contract if your work is accepted. I do not require exclusive rights to accepted designs for this project. You do not have to do work specifically for this project if you have something existing that fits the theme. You will be paid royalties. Interested? The deadline is 7 July, 2006. See the full guidelines.

    No journals for now! You may have been aware that I was product testing mini dream journals as a possible addition to the EMG storefront. Unfortunately, the prototypes failed their rigorous testing; the binding was too weak for repeated use, and they lost pages too readily. I will continue to look for a good way to make these. Window clings are in product testing now, and so far the beta test reports coming in are very favorable.

    Portrait Adoption

    The adoption functions have just about been finalized, and the coder is moving into doing the scripts for submissions of new work. Yay!


    We're looking for more folks to submit work! We need reviews, articles, tutorials, artwork and fiction. Artwork and fiction can be existing pieces, provided they fit into our theme (July's theme is mischief, August's theme is water). We prefer fresh new work for the non-fiction, but if you've got something amazing, please let me know. The deadline for getting work in is the first of the month before the issue comes out. For example, the deadline to submit work for August is July 1.

    However! Because we didn't get very many submissions this month, there is a one-week extension for artwork and fiction. These do not have to be new or exclusive pieces, remember, but they should be in the theme of mischief. Please see the full guidelines for more information!

    We have a new feature to be released in next months issue - a calendar! If you have an event or contest you think should be listed that is of interest to fantasy and science fiction writers and artists, please use the contact form to let me know!

    Also, I've moved the EMG drawing over here, so I have some hope of actually getting it updated monthly. :)

    Print Services

    New item in print services: ACEO prints! These prints are exactly 2.5 x 3.5 inches, with radiused corners, and are available in glossy or matte on heavy archival paper. See the services page.

    The new site for print services is well underway. It will allow uploads, personal orders of your designs at print services prices, as well as automatic (optional) storefront services to sell the items at your desired prices. The bare-bones service will be free, but there will be lots of paid perks available as well - extra designs, subdomains, stats tracking... it's shaping up nicely! If you have features you're just dying to see included, please weigh in at the forums.

    Ellen Million has always had a passion for projects. Visit her site for prints and embarrassing archives.

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